Little dogs can be obedient too!

yorkshire terrier

Little dogs can be obedient!

Milo is a great example of what can be done with little dogs in training.He is full of character and is showing it off here - working both on and off leash after only a week of training.

Obedient and Happy Dogs

I love how he bounces up and down in his heel - showing how happy he is to be working.It is very interesting to note that up until a week ago Milo would not want to go out for a walk and hated being out on a leash. Now he can heel both with and without a leash!

More small dog videos to come

Look for more videos of Milo and other little dogs at work - coming soon!

Rescue me!


Charlie is a rescue dog who who overwhelming energy and personality were making life dificult for his owners.

Rescue dogs - like any other - a well trained dog equals success

He was a challenge to train initially - but has proven to be a wonderful dog since he has turned the corner in training.
Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing to do - for both human and dog - but commiting to it and making it work long terms takes work and training - Charlie and his family are going to enjoy one another much more now that everyone will be on the same page.

A working dog is a happy dog

He loves to work and looks forward to his daily lessons - as you can see by his bouncy atitude in this video.

Awesome dogs in training make for Awesome Dog Training Pics

Some pictures of dogs in training

Such obedient dogs!

Young Finn The Labradoodle - training in obedience and to be a therapy dog.

Daseot the PItBull - in a land far far away… On his place
Bermy the Labradoodle practicing his recall and doing great!
Bermy Recall
Bermy chilling with company.
Charlie boy. Oh Charlie boy - what a good dog you are turning out to be and what a project you have been!
Daseot holding a great sit and stay.
My 1
Daseot heeling and fixating on the camera in his face.
My Movie 1
Just a cool dog pic!
My

Hershey the cholcolate Labrador Retriever