NYC Roadtrip with a Bulldog

Bulldog NYC dog training

Travelling with your dog

can be a lot of fun and we like to bring our English Bulldog Clara Hughes with us as often as possible.

Teaching your dog to adapt to new environments

Since we live in the country - there is a certain amount of adaptation that she has to make each time we venture to an urban environment.For instance -the only green space near our hotel on this recent trip was several blocks away. So I taught Clara to go on the road near the sewer for our mutual convenience.

NYC crowds and noise

The crowds are intense and a dog needs to feel comfortable walking through them - especially when low to the ground like a bulldog. Feet and bags are constantly in her face.Clara enjoys socializing with new people and makes friends wherever she goes.

NYC hotdogs

Every dog likes a treat. We’d go for a walk - I would grab a coffee and a hotdog for Clara.

Your dog’s cage - a home away from home

Clara doesn't use a cage at home - but when travelling we bring it with us.It allows her to feel at home wherever we are and she hops in on command as in the video - when loading out from the hotel into the van.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in training


Puppies and young dogs are like sponges

They absorb information quickly and tend to retain well - given the right instruction.Take Amber as an example - here she is after one week of training and she is fully trained on and off leash. A couple of clips here demonstrate some of what she has learned.

Essential commands every dog should know

Heel, Sit, Stay, Come

Going for a stroll with your dog is much easier when these commands are firmly in place.

Off leash training for your peace of mind and your dog’s safety

Amber is trained to respond both with and without a leash - this makes living with her much easier and much safer for everyone.

Teaching your dog to go to and stay on her place is very useful

Especially at dinner time or when you just need your dog to settle down in one spot for a while.Amber is happy to demonstrate this one since she is always tired at the end of of a training session.

5 month old Lab Retriever - Westmount Qc - fully trained and a joy according to his owners!

Here is Cooper fully trained in on and off leash obedience. he is a great puppy and is now trained for life - he can heel, come when called, sit and stay, go to and stay on his place as well as leave it, not jump up and not nip.