In Home Dog Training

The cutest Pomeranian you'll ever see

pomeranian in training

Little dogs should have training too

Small dogs should be trained just like their large counterparts - here is Mali showing us how it can be done.Mali is a Pomeranian - a breed I hold near and dear to my heart.

As a little kid - I used to take care of a poneranian for an elderly woman who lived in our building who couldn’t get out to walk her very much. She eventually gave me the dog - but that didnt last very long as I returned home from pre school one day to find my parents gave her away. Call it arrested development - but I have always had a soft spot for the breed since that day as a 5 year old kid when returned home to find I no longer had my little best buddy.

Training Reactive dogs to control themselves

On to Mali - she is full of challenges for her owner - a lot of it is centered around mali not being able to contain herself when she is excited - so most of our training has been centered around getting her amped up and forcing her to learn to manage her emotions.

Here she is working on her heel and place commands and doing great despite the high level of excitement I am throwing at her.

Retraining dogs that have alrady been through training schools or worked with other trainers

Like many dogs that I work with - Mali has already had some formal traiing but as her owner found out - it simply was not enough. The level and quality of the training left her wanting more from her dog. I am glad she sought me out becasue it has been a great to train Mali.

Little dogs can be obedient too!

yorkshire terrier

Little dogs can be obedient!

Milo is a great example of what can be done with little dogs in training.He is full of character and is showing it off here - working both on and off leash after only a week of training.

Obedient and Happy Dogs

I love how he bounces up and down in his heel - showing how happy he is to be working.It is very interesting to note that up until a week ago Milo would not want to go out for a walk and hated being out on a leash. Now he can heel both with and without a leash!

More small dog videos to come

Look for more videos of Milo and other little dogs at work - coming soon!

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in training


Puppies and young dogs are like sponges

They absorb information quickly and tend to retain well - given the right instruction.Take Amber as an example - here she is after one week of training and she is fully trained on and off leash. A couple of clips here demonstrate some of what she has learned.

Essential commands every dog should know

Heel, Sit, Stay, Come

Going for a stroll with your dog is much easier when these commands are firmly in place.

Off leash training for your peace of mind and your dog’s safety

Amber is trained to respond both with and without a leash - this makes living with her much easier and much safer for everyone.

Teaching your dog to go to and stay on her place is very useful

Especially at dinner time or when you just need your dog to settle down in one spot for a while.Amber is happy to demonstrate this one since she is always tired at the end of of a training session.

Montreal In Home Dog Training - Frankie!

Frankie and Nick Zevgolis sharing a moment during a session.

Off Leash Control in Hampstead Dog Park

Frankioe can get caught up playing too rough with other dogs & his owners wanted to be able to control that. You can see when Nick tells him “that’s enough” as he is latching onto the big black dog - he stops instantly.This video was filmed less than 2 weeks after he started training with Nick. In fact Nick had Frankie off leash with his owner from Day 2 - and in her words she could not believe it!Watch frankie work off leash around all the other dogs - tail wagging - ready to play - but very focused and enjoying his work!

Different trainers=different results

Frankie and his owners had been through training doing private lessons at home with another trainer but did not get the results they wanted.
Frankie can now heel, come when called, sit & stay, go to his place, leave it, not jump and more. He has some fear aggression issues and those have been dealt with as well in the 2 weeks he was in training - making his life and that of his people’s much, much easier.

He really is a great dog and the training just brought out the best in him.

Bernese Mountain Dog Heeling Off Leash in Downtown Montreal!

Here's nice follow up video sent by Alycia - showing how she is doing with Baylor. She is heeling him off leash in downtown Montreal - around lots of people and traffic - clearly she trusts her dog and his training - as well as her handling skills.I trained Baylor for Alycia - in two weeks and then taught her how to handle Baylor in one lessons working together.Videos like this make my day - it is nice to see someone out there working with their dog and making the most out of their training, time and relationship!


2 weeks to a fully off leash trained dog - and the owner learned all she needed as well. Training dogs and teaching people - 1 at a time - family K9 Dog Training.

Hey Nick,

Just thought I would give you a quick update. Baylor is doing great, we practice every day either inside or outside and today he did amazing. We were at the dog park with probably 12 other dogs and he was playing while listening to the commands I was giving him. Everyone was giving him complements as to how well he was behaved. He was coming to every single come while playing with many dogs (lots of distractions), doing his places perfectly, he even dropped a twig from his mouth when I said leave it, which was awesome. I even trusted him today to walk off leash the whole time to and from the dog park. His heel is great. We walked by many dogs and people and as long as I said leave it from time to time he stayed right by my side. 

Thank you so much for teaching me the tricks. This is so fun working with Baylor. 

Making life easier for Montreal Dogs and their people

Andre wanted what every dog owner wants:
To be able to include his dog in his daily activities and be able to control her as needed.
Airdale Terrier aggressive problems Lachine Canal

Dog behaviour wishlist:

Andre contacted me by email about his Airdale Terrier Lizbeth and he had some specific problems he hoped to have corrected.:
She could be aggressive to people at times and in certain contexts.
No one could approach the car when she was in it - she would try and bite.
He could not go through a drive through with Lizbeth for the same reason.
Joggers and fast moving people were potential bites as well as strangers out on a walk.
She was bratty in the house and he had no off leash control outside.
His daily routine at a local cafe/bakery coffee and a muffin was a problem since Lizbeth would get too excited and bark in a frenzy when they got there.
Her greetings of people she knew were out of control at times and needed to be toned down - allowing Lizbeth and the people she knew to interact in a more pleasurable way.

Andre wanted what every dog owner wants: To be able to include his dog in his daily activities and be able to control her as needed.

Andre enrolled Lizbeth in
Family K9’s 2 week in home intensive training program - and the results you see in the video are at the end of the program - with Andre having learned to handle her just the day before.
Listen to what he has to say as well as watch how well he handles Lizbeth - all in 1 day since her completion. Note he also speaks about what he did with her in between our lesson - so
she is not just working becasue the trainer is present.

If the dog is trained properly - the owner as well as the trainer can have excellent control and reliability. Two weeks to a better dog!

The video shows a drive through @ a local Mcdonald’s for coffe with Lizbeth being perfectly behaved as well as Andre and Lizbeth showing off a variety of off leash obedience around joggers, walkers and other distractions right on the Lachine Canal, as well as a surprise run in with Andre’s housekeeper whom Lizbeth clearly adores and as you can see Lizbeth is happy to greet her and inetract with her - she does so in a perfectly sweet and charming ay rahter than getting wild.

5 month old Havanese puppy fully trained in Beaconsfield!

Here;s Finn - a 5 month old Havanese puppy showing off how amazing a 5 month old pup can be!