Help train my Portugese Water Dog

Slash 3

The cute and playful puppy got out of hand

The cute little puppy grows up to be a large and powerful dog. All of a sudden his antics aren't so funny any more.  What was once cute and funny now has become annoying and tiresome and despite how much as you love your dog he is becoming harder to live with.
Sound familiar?

Did some training already but didn't quite work

Like many people who call me to help with their dog - Slash's owners had already done a training course with their dog and unfortunately for them it dint provide the help they were looking for.

One of his owners' concerns was that he would just play dead during training.  This is what he did with his last trainer.

This is a form of avoidance and a very clever one at that.  It is up to the trainer to make sure this doesn't happen and to work with he dog's natural and playful instincts to bring out the best from him in training.
Slash is bred by Adriana Krupp of
Danjek Kennels and she recommended his owner give me call for some help.

My dog jumps, bites runs away and does not listen

Slash's energy level and drives were making daily life with him a challenge, Take a look at his video and you can see he is an intense dog.  Without proper training and direction he is trouble walking.  Post training he is a delight and a lot of fun.

I want a well trained dog but I don't want a robot.

Neither do I.
A lot of people worry about this and I don't blame them.  it is a common concern for good reason - a lot of trainers and training methods remove the dog's character for the sake of obedience.  I think it is plain to anyone who watch es Slash in this video that he is still a very spirited dog - yet able to be very obedient when asked to do so.

I want my dog to listen around distractions, come when called, heel properly and stop pulling on leash, and listen to me when he is excited

Have a look:-)

Can your dog stay on his place?


Here’a fun & playful dog training video:

K9 Boot camp - Train the dog to be focused, reliale and adaptable

Jarvis is in the middle of hsi intensive in home training program in this clip.
He has been taught to go to his place which is a mat in the house. Today I decided to teach him to go to a new place - something that is not entirely comfortable to hold for long periods fo time.

Off leash control

He does well - understanding almost imediately that the stool is his new place.
The n BAM - his owners show up - Jarvis has a huge emotional spike and breaks his command - and just as quickly is refocused to place again. Excellent obedience and off leash control.

Day 2:

Using distactions in dog training - can your dog listen when he is distracted?

We work on more distraction with a passing dog - you can see Jarvis’ waggin tail and the dog is clearly putting out the signal that it is interested in Jarvis - but Jarvis does nto flinch. To top it off - I go for a hike down the street and jarvis stays locked in!


Labradoodle training

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason:

They dont shed.
They are cute and can be had in a nice compact package.
And they are smart.

5 month old Labradoodle puppy off leash obedince trained in just one week

Here is Jarvis - a 5 month old Labradoodle who has had one week of training and is already doing all of his excercises both on and off leash.
he is a fantastic little pup - who has learned to Heel, Come when called, go to his place and stay there, Sit and Stay, Leave it, Not jump up, not bite.

Good dog owners are the key to raising wel behaved pets

His owners are fantastic and very involved with Jarvis, wanting him to be a part fo the family and making his training a top priority. We did puppy training when Jarvis was still quite young and this is the follow up to his puppy training and wil be the training that will carry him for the rest of his life!


2 days in - no more pulling on leash

“Look Ma - no more leash pulling!”

Jersey is in training for 2 days when this was filmed.
He used to pull like a maniac - so much so that he took his owners down to the ground. Here he is on his 2nd lesson - and it is only going to keep getting better!

Montreal In Home Dog Training - Frankie!

Frankie and Nick Zevgolis sharing a moment during a session.

Off Leash Control in Hampstead Dog Park

Frankioe can get caught up playing too rough with other dogs & his owners wanted to be able to control that. You can see when Nick tells him “that’s enough” as he is latching onto the big black dog - he stops instantly.This video was filmed less than 2 weeks after he started training with Nick. In fact Nick had Frankie off leash with his owner from Day 2 - and in her words she could not believe it!Watch frankie work off leash around all the other dogs - tail wagging - ready to play - but very focused and enjoying his work!

Different trainers=different results

Frankie and his owners had been through training doing private lessons at home with another trainer but did not get the results they wanted.
Frankie can now heel, come when called, sit & stay, go to his place, leave it, not jump and more. He has some fear aggression issues and those have been dealt with as well in the 2 weeks he was in training - making his life and that of his people’s much, much easier.

He really is a great dog and the training just brought out the best in him.