Dollard Des Ormeaux

Walking with a dog reactive dog


Seamus is a big dog with reactivity issues.

Read that again.

Huge Dog. Dog Reactive.

Makes going for a walk a big challenge.
His owners called and asked for help with reactivity issues and we arranged for training.

Teaching a dog reactive dog to focus

We worked on teaching Seamus a proper heel and to stay focused on his owners while out for a walk.
Here he is in lesson 3 and doing great.  We wanted to push the boundaries so rather than go for a walk around their neighbourhood we went to a busy park with a dog run located in the middle of it in order to challenge Seamus some more and to be able to teach his onwers the finer points about how to handle Seamus in more challenging situations.

Can a trainer really train my dog for me?


People often misunderstand the idea of a dog trainer training their dog for them

Having a professional dog trainer train your dog for you is a great way to get your dog on a fast track to wherever it is you are trying to get - whether it is obedience or helping resolve behavioural issues.
it isn’t that the dog will automatically listen to you once the course is done.
It also doesnt mean the dog will only work for the trainer and not for you.
The truth is somewhere in between and the devil is in the details.

Make sure your dog trainer is a competent professional who can deliver results

Step 1:
Train the dog.
Train the dog so that she understands what we want from her. Be clear in your work - clarity is key to communicating.

Step 2:
Make sure the owners understand their role in maintaining the training the dog has received.
This is a big part of the porocess and if you fail here all you have accomplished is having trained the dog fantastically for the trainer - which does the owners of the dog no good at all.

Step 3:
Support and follow up with the owners to make sure that they are transitioning properly after all is said and done.

Step 4:
If you are lucky like me - you’ll have wonderful clients like Angel and her family - that make the entire process feel like a trip to disney. None of it was work for me - Angel was a breeze to train and her family could not have been any nicer to work with. Thank you Chris, Mina and Maria - all the best to you and Angel. I know we’ll be in touch for a long time to come!


How well does your dog Heel?

Angel is a young Shiloh Shepherd who has had one and half weeks of training in this video.

Does your dog know left from right?

I am playing a game with Angel to test her and see if she truly understands that she should only heel on the left.

I start her on the right - and she comes back. I move out of the way to trick her.
She comes back.

She clearly gets that she heels on the left hand side.

Can your dog heel off leash?

All of this is being done off leash - out in the street - with neighbours out doing normal daily things, kids playing basketball just down the street and other distractions around.
Angels is doing everything off leash after just 1 & 1/2 weeks.

Focus, Focus, Focus - the key to a well trained dog

Aside from our left/right game - Angels focus is outstanding. Watch how she never takes her eyes off of me - we connect from the moment we start to work until it is over. Dog trainign is about communication - and is a 2 way conversation - not a dialogue. Angel tells me all I need to know from her eyes and body language.

Interviewing Montreal's West Island dog owners

An interview with Tina about Jack’s training with Family K9 and Nick Zevgolis after Jack’s training has come to an end.


Jack the rescue lab mix - DDO West Island Dog Training

This video has a playful tone.And why shouldn’t it?


5 month old Husky - fully on and off leash trained! Montreal's West Island

Riley is a 5 month old Husky puppy who just completed a 2 week course - where rather than go out to kennel for training - Nick came to Riley's home and took her out for a lesson each day. No need for the dog and family to be separated - and you can see Riley not only did great but had a blast in training.Full credit must also go to Riley's family who took the time to do a puppy class with Nick prior to her obedience training. We've all heard about Huskies and how they can be difficult - take a look at Riley and you'll be amazed at how well she is doing off leash - and keep in mind she is still just a baby @ 5 months old!