The cutest Pomeranian you'll ever see

pomeranian in training

Little dogs should have training too

Small dogs should be trained just like their large counterparts - here is Mali showing us how it can be done.Mali is a Pomeranian - a breed I hold near and dear to my heart.

As a little kid - I used to take care of a poneranian for an elderly woman who lived in our building who couldn’t get out to walk her very much. She eventually gave me the dog - but that didnt last very long as I returned home from pre school one day to find my parents gave her away. Call it arrested development - but I have always had a soft spot for the breed since that day as a 5 year old kid when returned home to find I no longer had my little best buddy.

Training Reactive dogs to control themselves

On to Mali - she is full of challenges for her owner - a lot of it is centered around mali not being able to contain herself when she is excited - so most of our training has been centered around getting her amped up and forcing her to learn to manage her emotions.

Here she is working on her heel and place commands and doing great despite the high level of excitement I am throwing at her.

Retraining dogs that have alrady been through training schools or worked with other trainers

Like many dogs that I work with - Mali has already had some formal traiing but as her owner found out - it simply was not enough. The level and quality of the training left her wanting more from her dog. I am glad she sought me out becasue it has been a great to train Mali.

Bermy the Golden doodle

Bermy vid pic

Bermy is 5 month old pup who is already on and off leaash trained. Take a look at his ability to focus under distraction!

5 month old Golden Doodle after 2 weeks of training @ Family K9 Boot camp!

Building confidence in fearful dogs

Luna’s Onwers, Michael and Vanessa contacted me with concerns about their dog Luna - who was barking non stop and lunging at people and dogs the minute they stepped outside their condo door. Being nice, responsible peopple they knew something had to be done becasue the behaviour was unnaceptable to them and they didnt want their dog to casue anyone any problems nor for their dog to live such a stressed out existance.

Teaching fearful dogs to de-stress

We did three lessons together and here is the final result in the video.
Luna has long since been fine walking around people - both in the condo building and outdoors - the last step was being anywhere near a dog - she would still go nuts!
So I invited them to the kennel and brought out the most annoying dog I had there (sorry Bailey!) and we worked together teaching Michael hwo to properly handle Luna in that context.
Luna already knkew everything she needed - Michael just needed to understand how to work around high level distractions.
Here is Luna 10-15 minutes into our lesson - and you can see how she is not only calm and focused - but also occassionally comes out to interact with Bailey - with more repetition she will gain even more confidence!