Walking with a dog reactive dog


Seamus is a big dog with reactivity issues.

Read that again.

Huge Dog. Dog Reactive.

Makes going for a walk a big challenge.
His owners called and asked for help with reactivity issues and we arranged for training.

Teaching a dog reactive dog to focus

We worked on teaching Seamus a proper heel and to stay focused on his owners while out for a walk.
Here he is in lesson 3 and doing great.  We wanted to push the boundaries so rather than go for a walk around their neighbourhood we went to a busy park with a dog run located in the middle of it in order to challenge Seamus some more and to be able to teach his onwers the finer points about how to handle Seamus in more challenging situations.

Rehabiliting Rescue dogs and building confidence

Philip and Willie heeling past the stressful distractions. Teaching a dog to have excellent focus is a great help to getting them past environmental stresors.

Training Rescue dogs with fear issues

Philip rescued Willie from as an older dog who had never been exposed to the world.Our first lesson was in a empty park and poor Willie had trouble with the odd person at over 100 feet away. She wanted to bolt and run.She was also distant and detached from Philip which isn’t uncommon in dogs who didn’t bond to a human early in their lives.

Right from our first lesson Philip noticed how well Willie took to training and her focus and connection to Philip started to emerge very quickly.

Working with rescue dogs requires knowledge, skill and patience

By lesson three she became accustomed to riding in the car and we had to work with her around a huge school day in a park in the west island - hundreds of kids running around and yelling and loud music - all the things to stress poor WIllie out - yet she did great.By lesson 5 she was working alongside all the people coming in and out of Fairview mall as well as the trucks and buses passing through the parking lot.

Dog helping people and people helping dogs

There was a crowd of people getting off of a bus at the mall and everyone wants to pet Willie. Many of the people from the bus were in wheelchairs which can be stressful even for a confident dogs without the issues that Willie has.This was a great opportunity to see how far Willie has come.In the past she would have tried to climb on top of Philip or run away - but she sat there and accepted the petting and even leaned into the people’s hands - showing comfort and trust.

Winnie wheelchair

Rehabbing Rescue Dogs

Philip and Winnie 3

Building confidence in fearful dogs

Luna’s Onwers, Michael and Vanessa contacted me with concerns about their dog Luna - who was barking non stop and lunging at people and dogs the minute they stepped outside their condo door. Being nice, responsible peopple they knew something had to be done becasue the behaviour was unnaceptable to them and they didnt want their dog to casue anyone any problems nor for their dog to live such a stressed out existance.

Teaching fearful dogs to de-stress

We did three lessons together and here is the final result in the video.
Luna has long since been fine walking around people - both in the condo building and outdoors - the last step was being anywhere near a dog - she would still go nuts!
So I invited them to the kennel and brought out the most annoying dog I had there (sorry Bailey!) and we worked together teaching Michael hwo to properly handle Luna in that context.
Luna already knkew everything she needed - Michael just needed to understand how to work around high level distractions.
Here is Luna 10-15 minutes into our lesson - and you can see how she is not only calm and focused - but also occassionally comes out to interact with Bailey - with more repetition she will gain even more confidence!

5 month old Cane corso Puppy Off Leash Heeling in 2 days!

Check out this 5 month old Cane Corso puppy heeling off leash after 2 days of intensive dog training!

Here is a quick clip of Porscha working on her off leash heeling. Porscha has been in training for exactly 4 days at the time this was filmed and is a Cane Corso puppy who is 5 months old. I love her energy and drive - such a fun puppy who wants to work with the handler!

A rescue dog story in Montreal, NDG

Post training: Evaluated by another dog trainer and told their dog was “very sweet!”.

UPDATE: Kaylee was rehabilitated through Family K9's methods and Sheree and Anthony's efforts and not only goes to the dog park - but was brought in to a local doggie daycare facility - where the trainer there evaluated her dog and told Sheree that she was "very sweet and did not need any training". Sheree grinned and took that as a compliment - of course this trainer didn't know the "old" Kaylee:-)

Rescuing dog from the streets

Anyone reading this who has rescued a dog knows that the dogs can come with their own individual quirks and challenges.Kaylee is a dog who lived on her own in the country and had to fend for herself until Sheree and Anthony rescued her. Kaylee had MAJOR dog aggression problems and had tried training @ another school with no success prior to finding Nick. The trainer they worked with told them that there was nothing to do about it and to avoid otherdogs and squirrels and all animals because it could not be fixed.

Dog & Human Aggression Issues solved through training- South Shore, Rive-Sud - Richelieu

Dog Aggression and Human Aggression - corrected through training.


Interviewing Montreal's West Island dog owners

An interview with Tina about Jack’s training with Family K9 and Nick Zevgolis after Jack’s training has come to an end.


Jack the rescue lab mix - DDO West Island Dog Training

This video has a playful tone.And why shouldn’t it?


Hyper helping Nick train aggressive dogs

Two of these four dogs had aggression problems with other dogs prior to coming to NIck for training. One of which whose owners had worked for quite some time with another school to no avail.


Remembering Larco

A video tribute to my old dog Larco.

Larco Protection Training

My skinny dog wears a sweater in the winter and is a total BADA**