Golden Doodle training

Why training your puppy from a young age is so important

Cisco is a 5 month old Golden Doodle.

His owners contacted me for training prior to his coming into their lives.We did puppy training with him when he was 10 weeks old - this is a 3 week course.@ the age of 18 weeks old his owners enrolled Cisco in the in home Board and Train programWhat you see in this video is Cisco at work when we are aproximately 1/2 way through his training.

What did your trainer do for your dog after only one week of training?

After one week of training :
Cisco is trained both on and off leash.
His focus and willingness to work are outstanding.
His attitude and bounce are terrific.
I am whispering to him throughout the lesson - and he is fully responsive and engaged in his work.

How to avoid common behavioural problems

Cisco’s owner’s started his training with me when he was 10 weeks old and enrolled in the in home Puppy Pre School program
In that 2 week program we focused on house rules and manners as well as some light obedienbce.
As a result Cisco also knows:
not to jump on people
Not to nip at hands or clothing
Not to destroy items or eat things he shouldnt
These are equally important and we started working on those skills when he was just 10 weeks old.

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in training


Puppies and young dogs are like sponges

They absorb information quickly and tend to retain well - given the right instruction.Take Amber as an example - here she is after one week of training and she is fully trained on and off leash. A couple of clips here demonstrate some of what she has learned.

Essential commands every dog should know

Heel, Sit, Stay, Come

Going for a stroll with your dog is much easier when these commands are firmly in place.

Off leash training for your peace of mind and your dog’s safety

Amber is trained to respond both with and without a leash - this makes living with her much easier and much safer for everyone.

Teaching your dog to go to and stay on her place is very useful

Especially at dinner time or when you just need your dog to settle down in one spot for a while.Amber is happy to demonstrate this one since she is always tired at the end of of a training session.

5 month old Labradoodle - In home intensive dog training - Laval, QC


“I love my dog but he is driving me crazy!”

Kobe is a wonderful puppy who was driving his owners crazy.

Like many people who bring home a dog - they wanted to enjoy his company and share their lives with their new best friend - but found it to be challenging - despite their best efforts.Kobe’s owners contacted me to help them and decided to have Kobe enroll in Family K9 In Home Intensive training program. What you’ll see in this video is the “before and after” shots.

2 Weeks to a brand new dog and a new relationship with your dog

Kobe’s owners filmed him acting up - which apparently was a non stop event in the house with him - and then you will see him on day 2 and day 3 of training - behaving, listening and focusing like a completely different dog.In one week - his training will be complete and then I will teahc his owners how to continue with Kobe where I left off.

5 month old Toy Poodle -Fully trained off leash Cote St Luc, Qc

Betty is a highly trainable little gal. Have a look at her video and you will notice 2 things. She is very, very good for a pup of 6 months old. She can perform all of her obedience both on and off leash - and she also has a blast doing it. She can't tell when she is training and when she is playing - the way it should be!

5 month old Havanese puppy fully trained in Beaconsfield!

Here;s Finn - a 5 month old Havanese puppy showing off how amazing a 5 month old pup can be!

A puppy's 1st time working with her owners after training - Montreal, Qc

A quick clip of Lola working with her owners - 10 minutes after she returned home from training.This is a very valuable clip for those who would like to know how their dog will respond to them after Nick has trained your dog for you.

Boston terrier fully trained @ 5 months old!

Lola is a 5 month old Boston Terrier - see her in action after her training!

5 month old Husky - fully on and off leash trained! Montreal's West Island

Riley is a 5 month old Husky puppy who just completed a 2 week course - where rather than go out to kennel for training - Nick came to Riley's home and took her out for a lesson each day. No need for the dog and family to be separated - and you can see Riley not only did great but had a blast in training.Full credit must also go to Riley's family who took the time to do a puppy class with Nick prior to her obedience training. We've all heard about Huskies and how they can be difficult - take a look at Riley and you'll be amazed at how well she is doing off leash - and keep in mind she is still just a baby @ 5 months old!

Teaching a German Shepherd how to Heel = Barbara & Ikie - NDG,Montreal, Qc

A dog can be both happy and obedient - proof is in the video!


Jello 6 Month old Weimeraner -Laval, qc - off leash trained!

Jello is a young weimeraner puppy whose owner Martine started him off the right way.Martine and Jello did Family K9's puppy pre school and started Jello in obedience with Nick when he was aprox. 4 1/2 months old. Read More...

Julia & Cody - 6 month old schnauzer mix fully trained off leash - Snowdon, Qc!

This dog obeys everyone - even the children!