Owners and dogs working together

Can you trust your dog off leash? In traffic?!?

Can you trust your dog off leash in the busy streets of Montreal?  Theresa can.

Owner & newly trained dog working together for the first time
Here is the best part – this is her first time working with Bella since Bella came home from training.  Bella was at training for three weeks and this is their first time working together – in fact it is in the first half hour of our lesson.  Theresa asked me if we would be able to heel Bella off leash after training and I told her of course we would – so I offered to remove the leash during our lesson and she was totally up for it.
Heel off leash – the key is focus
Bella is very focused on Theresa – you can see that she glues herself to Theresa’s leg – and watches her very attentively.
In all of her training Bella has learned that she has to focus and obey immediately – this can keep her safe and allow both Bella and Theresa much more freedom in where they go and what they do.

Off leash training can save your dog’s life

Leashes break or get dropped, collars come loose and slip off – doors get left open etc..   there is no shortage of situations where having off leash control could save a dog’s life.
Theresa had concern’s about Bella’s behaviour  – she would pull on leash, could not be trusted off leash and would eat any/everything she could find while out on a walk.   Such a nice transformation in three weeks of training.  
In kennel training program.
Bella can heel off leash (and on leash of course) come when called, drop what she is told to, sit and stay, go to and stay on her place (look for a future video of this) and much more.

Making the most out of your dog’s training
Theresa has the right attitude and wants to make the most out of Bella. I love working with people who are hungry to develop their  dog’s training. Below are a couple of emails I received from Theresa just a couple of days after Bella’s return.   I love working with people like this – it makes my job a breeze. I know I can train the dog – that is never a question – no matter the dog or issue.  What I don’t know (unless I have already worked with the owner before) is if the person in charge will follow through and make the most out of the training their dog has received. In Theresa and Bella’s case it is clear that not only will she maintain the training – but Bella will  thrive and even  improve.

 Montreal dog training reviews from happy clients:

Good morning Nick,
I hope you had a good weekend.
Bella is doing great. It’s so much fun walking her now, she heels close to perfectly, even on busy street as st. Catherine. The leave it command works also very very well.
Drop it and place work well but there she still needs a little more reinforcement
I’m very happy though that she is following the commands so well. I can’t imagine anymore how it was to walk her while she was pulling and picking up everything!! Thank you so much for your work with Bella. You really helped us. I’m so glad I had her trained by you!
I’ll keep you updated over the next days/weeks and then we can schedule a follow up session soon.
Thank you for everything!
Have a great day,
Hi Nick,
Just an example, I took a small video of Bella on Saturday on St Catherine. Find it below
Also, Some friends have seen Bella heel and they were very impressed. They said her walking behaviour changed so much, they could barely believe it!
This for now, I’ll send updates and videos along the way.
Take care and have a good day,

From: www.montrealdogtrainer.com

2 weeks to a fully trained labradoodle

Off leash obedience in Montreal Dog parks

Here is a fun video of Lynn and Angus working together at the end of their 2 week intensive course.Nick went to visit Angus each day for 2 weeks and trained him for Lynn and then taught Lynn how to maintain the training Angus received - and they both did fantastic.

Dog training on Dr Penfield @ Percy Walters dog park. Distractions galore.

Lynn actually met Nick at the very same dog park while Nick was training another dog and Lynn was enrolled in another trainer's class and not getting the results she had hoped for.You can see Angus heeling on and off leash - doing place - even with another dog jumping up on his rock and then taunting him to play.Take special note of how obedient Angus is in the face of distractions and so playful with the other dogs when "off duty".