Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in training


Puppies and young dogs are like sponges

They absorb information quickly and tend to retain well - given the right instruction.Take Amber as an example - here she is after one week of training and she is fully trained on and off leash. A couple of clips here demonstrate some of what she has learned.

Essential commands every dog should know

Heel, Sit, Stay, Come

Going for a stroll with your dog is much easier when these commands are firmly in place.

Off leash training for your peace of mind and your dog’s safety

Amber is trained to respond both with and without a leash - this makes living with her much easier and much safer for everyone.

Teaching your dog to go to and stay on her place is very useful

Especially at dinner time or when you just need your dog to settle down in one spot for a while.Amber is happy to demonstrate this one since she is always tired at the end of of a training session.

Hershey the cholcolate Labrador Retriever


Montreal Dog Trainer and his Dog help clean up the Maine Beaches

One of the very useful dog training tricks that stem from a fetch command!

Hyper playing on the beach in Maine

We have spent a lot of time on the beaches in Maine as a family and Hyper was most often there with us - so why not do our part to help keep the place nice and clean? Too bad there weren’t any recycling bins around.

Building confidence in fearful dogs

Luna’s Onwers, Michael and Vanessa contacted me with concerns about their dog Luna - who was barking non stop and lunging at people and dogs the minute they stepped outside their condo door. Being nice, responsible peopple they knew something had to be done becasue the behaviour was unnaceptable to them and they didnt want their dog to casue anyone any problems nor for their dog to live such a stressed out existance.

Teaching fearful dogs to de-stress

We did three lessons together and here is the final result in the video.
Luna has long since been fine walking around people - both in the condo building and outdoors - the last step was being anywhere near a dog - she would still go nuts!
So I invited them to the kennel and brought out the most annoying dog I had there (sorry Bailey!) and we worked together teaching Michael hwo to properly handle Luna in that context.
Luna already knkew everything she needed - Michael just needed to understand how to work around high level distractions.
Here is Luna 10-15 minutes into our lesson - and you can see how she is not only calm and focused - but also occassionally comes out to interact with Bailey - with more repetition she will gain even more confidence!

Callie's torture test!

Montreal’s Best Trained terriers!

Callie is a 5 month old puppy who is the life of the party.
If you were at a party where a drunk was running around laughing, telling dirty jokes with a lampshade on their head - in dog terms that’s Callie.

A very well trained 5 month old puppy

Take a look at how well she is working around her distracting friends.
This is a key element to having a succesfully trained dog.
Everyone has a dog that will listen sometimes - but will they obey even when the distractions are this pressing? And keep their tail wagging the whole time?
Her owners are in for a real treat when she returns home!

Montreal's Worst Dog Lesson 1

Here is Sadie our winner of Montreal’s worst dog@ her first lesson learning to play the follow and focus game.
Take a look at what a hard puller she was at the start of our first lesson and how drmamtically she improved over the course of an hour.

Training Montreal dogs and teaching Montreal dog owners to bring out the best in their dogs!

Stay tuned for more Montreal’s worst dog videos in the weeks to come or
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Airdale Terrier in Montreal's west island - DDO - aggression issues rehabilitated!

Winston's owners were frustrated with Winston's behaviour. he would try to attack other dogs on a walk - not just bark and pull - but really try to attack.
  • Winston’s owners had taken him to a group obedience class prior to trainign with Nick and not achieved any really useful results.

  • The instructor told them it would be best to walk Winston when no other dogs were out - as in 5 am or midnight. The instructor was serious.

They called Nick to enquire about training together and was apprehensive at first when they were told that it would only take six lessons of private, in home dog training and thought the price was high as well (their words)- but here you can see Winston before and after and you can hear for yourself what his owners have to say about the process and if they felt it was worthwhile.

A rescue dog story in Montreal, NDG

Post training: Evaluated by another dog trainer and told their dog was “very sweet!”.

UPDATE: Kaylee was rehabilitated through Family K9's methods and Sheree and Anthony's efforts and not only goes to the dog park - but was brought in to a local doggie daycare facility - where the trainer there evaluated her dog and told Sheree that she was "very sweet and did not need any training". Sheree grinned and took that as a compliment - of course this trainer didn't know the "old" Kaylee:-)

Rescuing dog from the streets

Anyone reading this who has rescued a dog knows that the dogs can come with their own individual quirks and challenges.Kaylee is a dog who lived on her own in the country and had to fend for herself until Sheree and Anthony rescued her. Kaylee had MAJOR dog aggression problems and had tried training @ another school with no success prior to finding Nick. The trainer they worked with told them that there was nothing to do about it and to avoid otherdogs and squirrels and all animals because it could not be fixed.

5 month old Toy Poodle -Fully trained off leash Cote St Luc, Qc

Betty is a highly trainable little gal. Have a look at her video and you will notice 2 things. She is very, very good for a pup of 6 months old. She can perform all of her obedience both on and off leash - and she also has a blast doing it. She can't tell when she is training and when she is playing - the way it should be!

5 month old Havanese puppy fully trained in Beaconsfield!

Here;s Finn - a 5 month old Havanese puppy showing off how amazing a 5 month old pup can be!

German Shepherd Dog wants to kill cars - St Sauveur, Qc

Odin was a very special case - his drive to chase cars and level of aggression when doing so was extreme.

His previous trainer could not resolve the issue no matter how hard they tried …

His owners had tried to train Odin with another trainer unsuccessfully and came to Nick in desperation for a fix - helping make Odin much easier to take for a walk and transform him from a beast to a very loveable pet.See Odin’s owners Testimonial here

Yorkshire Terrier owner credits Nick Zevgolis with saving her dog's life! - Montreal, Qc

Andrea called Nick Zevgolis @ Family K9 Dog Training when Zippo escaped from a dog run in downtown Montreal on a couple of occasions.She was justifiably concerned that he would be hit by a car or get lost and wanted him trained so that they could continue to enjoy the dog and run and the freedom of being off leash and not have to worry about little Zippo's safety.

5 month old Husky - fully on and off leash trained! Montreal's West Island

Riley is a 5 month old Husky puppy who just completed a 2 week course - where rather than go out to kennel for training - Nick came to Riley's home and took her out for a lesson each day. No need for the dog and family to be separated - and you can see Riley not only did great but had a blast in training.Full credit must also go to Riley's family who took the time to do a puppy class with Nick prior to her obedience training. We've all heard about Huskies and how they can be difficult - take a look at Riley and you'll be amazed at how well she is doing off leash - and keep in mind she is still just a baby @ 5 months old!

Teaching a German Shepherd how to Heel = Barbara & Ikie - NDG,Montreal, Qc

A dog can be both happy and obedient - proof is in the video!


Place Hyper & Crash Show off

A very valuable dog training excercise.


More Hyper!

Nick Zevgolis' dog Hyper showing off some of his training.


Hyper & Crash - show off fantastic recalls! Come when called!

Teaching your dog to come when called can save her life!


Remembering Larco

A video tribute to my old dog Larco.

Hyper & Crash show off their Heeling skills

Teaching a dog to heel is an essential skill, that makes walks enjoyable.


More Hyper the Dutch Shepherd!

Nick Zevgolis' dog Hyper showing off his training.


An obedient Dutch Shepherd!

A demonstration of various obedience exercises in a variety of settings.


Nick & Hyper showing off!

An assortment of clips showing off dog trainer Nick Zevgolis' dog Hyper - a young Dutch Shepherd.


Jello 6 Month old Weimeraner -Laval, qc - off leash trained!

Jello is a young weimeraner puppy whose owner Martine started him off the right way.Martine and Jello did Family K9's puppy pre school and started Jello in obedience with Nick when he was aprox. 4 1/2 months old. Read More...

Julia & Cody - 6 month old schnauzer mix fully trained off leash - Snowdon, Qc!

This dog obeys everyone - even the children!


Doberman pup from Ile Perrot Qc - fully trained @ 5 months old!

6 Month old Doberman Puppy Fully Trained!


5 month old Lab Retriever - Westmount Qc - fully trained and a joy according to his owners!

Here is Cooper fully trained in on and off leash obedience. he is a great puppy and is now trained for life - he can heel, come when called, sit and stay, go to and stay on his place as well as leave it, not jump up and not nip.