Interviews with Owners

Biting Labrador Retirever Rehabilitated in Chomedy, Laval Dog Training

A video of Joanna and her male Labrador retriever Apollo.Apollo was a very aggressive dog who could not be trusted around people other than his owners and would bite if given the chance. Joanna enrolled Apollo in Family K9's remote training course - and now has complete on and off leash control over him and everyone is much safer and happier.

Yorkshire Terrier owner credits Nick Zevgolis with saving her dog's life! - Montreal, Qc

Andrea called Nick Zevgolis @ Family K9 Dog Training when Zippo escaped from a dog run in downtown Montreal on a couple of occasions.She was justifiably concerned that he would be hit by a car or get lost and wanted him trained so that they could continue to enjoy the dog and run and the freedom of being off leash and not have to worry about little Zippo's safety.

Interviewing Montreal's West Island dog owners

An interview with Tina about Jack’s training with Family K9 and Nick Zevgolis after Jack’s training has come to an end.


Arent beagles supposed to be untrainable? St Lazare Qc has 2 of the best trained Beagles!

We all know Beagles can’t be trained right?