In Kennel Dog Training

4 very different dogs

Ruby is a young Vizsla from Boucherville

Her owners did a puppy class with me in the fall of 2017. They have high hopes for her obedience and want a dog who listens despite Ruby’s playful puppy antics.

Puffy is a Golden Retriever From Saint Genevieve

She was sent for in kennel training because her owner could not control her.

Grohl is a Labrador Retriever mix from Montreal

He is a powerful boy with aggressive tendancies who has found a new lease on life with his training.

Strider is German Shepherd from Hudson, QC

He is a sweet yet reactive and powerful boy who was difficult to walk - despite his previous training.

The truth about dog boarding school


In this video the dog’s owner is just learning to handle his newly trained dog

Board and Train or Doggie boot camp

Mike Sent his dog Marcus to me for training. Marcus is a young German Shepherd and Mike enriolled him in the Board and Train program.Many people worry that if their dog is trained by someone else that they will not learn what they need to know in order to maintain the training ro that the dog will nto listen to them.While this can be true - it isnt the case here - and not with the way I do things.

The job of a dog trainer

I see my job here as two halves:1) Train the dog.2)

Educate theo wner so that the human end of the equation understands how to maintain the training the dog has received.

Off leash training

Marcus is trained both on and of leash. This means that Mike can trust his dog to obey him and to be responsive with or without a leash on and that means more freedom for Marcus and more peace of mind for Mike.

A happy and obedient working dog

Notice how Marcus keeps his eyes and focus on Mike the entire time they are working. He is present and happy to work with his person. True dog training builds teamwork and a good relationship.

3 Weeks to a new dog

The program is 3 weeks from start to stop and once complete we go through the transfer process. There is also a follow up lesson to be used whenever Mike would like to review things with me and there is unlimited lifetime support. The system is built for Mike and Marcus to be successful.

Help train my Portugese Water Dog

Slash 3

The cute and playful puppy got out of hand

The cute little puppy grows up to be a large and powerful dog. All of a sudden his antics aren't so funny any more.  What was once cute and funny now has become annoying and tiresome and despite how much as you love your dog he is becoming harder to live with.
Sound familiar?

Did some training already but didn't quite work

Like many people who call me to help with their dog - Slash's owners had already done a training course with their dog and unfortunately for them it dint provide the help they were looking for.

One of his owners' concerns was that he would just play dead during training.  This is what he did with his last trainer.

This is a form of avoidance and a very clever one at that.  It is up to the trainer to make sure this doesn't happen and to work with he dog's natural and playful instincts to bring out the best from him in training.
Slash is bred by Adriana Krupp of
Danjek Kennels and she recommended his owner give me call for some help.

My dog jumps, bites runs away and does not listen

Slash's energy level and drives were making daily life with him a challenge, Take a look at his video and you can see he is an intense dog.  Without proper training and direction he is trouble walking.  Post training he is a delight and a lot of fun.

I want a well trained dog but I don't want a robot.

Neither do I.
A lot of people worry about this and I don't blame them.  it is a common concern for good reason - a lot of trainers and training methods remove the dog's character for the sake of obedience.  I think it is plain to anyone who watch es Slash in this video that he is still a very spirited dog - yet able to be very obedient when asked to do so.

I want my dog to listen around distractions, come when called, heel properly and stop pulling on leash, and listen to me when he is excited

Have a look:-)

The cutest Pomeranian you'll ever see

pomeranian in training

Little dogs should have training too

Small dogs should be trained just like their large counterparts - here is Mali showing us how it can be done.Mali is a Pomeranian - a breed I hold near and dear to my heart.

As a little kid - I used to take care of a poneranian for an elderly woman who lived in our building who couldn’t get out to walk her very much. She eventually gave me the dog - but that didnt last very long as I returned home from pre school one day to find my parents gave her away. Call it arrested development - but I have always had a soft spot for the breed since that day as a 5 year old kid when returned home to find I no longer had my little best buddy.

Training Reactive dogs to control themselves

On to Mali - she is full of challenges for her owner - a lot of it is centered around mali not being able to contain herself when she is excited - so most of our training has been centered around getting her amped up and forcing her to learn to manage her emotions.

Here she is working on her heel and place commands and doing great despite the high level of excitement I am throwing at her.

Retraining dogs that have alrady been through training schools or worked with other trainers

Like many dogs that I work with - Mali has already had some formal traiing but as her owner found out - it simply was not enough. The level and quality of the training left her wanting more from her dog. I am glad she sought me out becasue it has been a great to train Mali.

Help! My Dog is Aggressive and bites me!

Montreal dog adoption dog rescue

What to do when your dog is behaving aggressively and biting you

No one expects things to go this way when they set out to add a dog to their family. We bring home a dog with the best of intentions and love in our hearts. We romanticize about how things are going to go - and then BAM your own dog sinks his teeth into you - and shatters your image of what dog ownership was supposed to be. It feels like a betrayal and owners are both scared of their dog and emotionally shattered when they realize their dog who they love dearly is a danger to them.

Expert help with your dog in Montreal

Ozzie’s owners were referred to me by a past client who also had aggession issues with their dog who we succesfully trained several years back.

Dont throw away the dog

At our first encounter Ozzie bit me a number of times - only on leash and during a walk. In the house - he was very sweet and affectionate just as he is with his people - and true to form they only saw the aggression out on a walk as well. We had originally set out to do an in home intensive course but we all felt that an in kennel program would be better suited and set out to have him come into the kennel the very next day.What you see in this video is Ozzie just shy of 2 weeks into his training. he has transformed from a dog who would bite multiple times and even attepmt to bite me with a muzzle on - to a dog that is no longer wearing a muzzle and very attentive,obedient and happy.

Successful rehabilitation of problem behaviour on dogs

There is no magic pill. No cure. Anyone who tells you different is lacking knowledge and experience or trying to sell you something.Aggression issue never go away - they are managed. It is important to never lose sight of this fact.

Dog Training is about building relationships

Ozzie came into the training program feeling tentative and I took the opportunity to build a relationship with him - not just “train” him. In other words - I showed him that there is a different way to relate to people and that this can be a positive experience and you can see in his attitude that he really feels good about what we have done together. His body language is loose and flowing. He has a bounce in his step when we work together and is very playful. He’ll climb up on me for petting and hugs and jump all over me any time he is invited to do so.

We Do Not Need To Dominate Dogs to Train Them

I believe in teamwork. of course I am the boss - there is no mistaking that - especially with a dog that is ready to bite me. BUT - I always have the end goal of working as a team and take every opportunity to show the dog I am supporting his efforts, encouragin his good choices and making training fun.

German Shepherd heeling in 360 degree video

The first 360 degree dog training videos online!

Watch in chrome or firefox or google carboard or youtube360 on your iphone/ipad.

Ray is a wonderful German Shepherd who came in for training a week and a half befoe this was filmed he has great working potential and is progressing nicely in his training as you can see here in this clip where he is heeling alongside me and completely focused and engaged in his work.

Ray is not a 2 headed beast but the nature of the 360 degree filming as displayed on youtuibe will present all the angles in one flat “pancake” view which is disorienting - pls try one of the brownsers or apps to get the awesome 360 effect where you can pan and adjust the angles while you watch.

Can you trust your dog off leash? In traffic?!?

Can you trust your dog off leash in the busy streets of Montreal?  Theresa can.

Owner & newly trained dog working together for the first time
Here is the best part – this is her first time working with Bella since Bella came home from training.  Bella was at training for three weeks and this is their first time working together – in fact it is in the first half hour of our lesson.  Theresa asked me if we would be able to heel Bella off leash after training and I told her of course we would – so I offered to remove the leash during our lesson and she was totally up for it.
Heel off leash – the key is focus
Bella is very focused on Theresa – you can see that she glues herself to Theresa’s leg – and watches her very attentively.
In all of her training Bella has learned that she has to focus and obey immediately – this can keep her safe and allow both Bella and Theresa much more freedom in where they go and what they do.

Off leash training can save your dog’s life

Leashes break or get dropped, collars come loose and slip off – doors get left open etc..   there is no shortage of situations where having off leash control could save a dog’s life.
Theresa had concern’s about Bella’s behaviour  – she would pull on leash, could not be trusted off leash and would eat any/everything she could find while out on a walk.   Such a nice transformation in three weeks of training.  
In kennel training program.
Bella can heel off leash (and on leash of course) come when called, drop what she is told to, sit and stay, go to and stay on her place (look for a future video of this) and much more.

Making the most out of your dog’s training
Theresa has the right attitude and wants to make the most out of Bella. I love working with people who are hungry to develop their  dog’s training. Below are a couple of emails I received from Theresa just a couple of days after Bella’s return.   I love working with people like this – it makes my job a breeze. I know I can train the dog – that is never a question – no matter the dog or issue.  What I don’t know (unless I have already worked with the owner before) is if the person in charge will follow through and make the most out of the training their dog has received. In Theresa and Bella’s case it is clear that not only will she maintain the training – but Bella will  thrive and even  improve.

 Montreal dog training reviews from happy clients:

Good morning Nick,
I hope you had a good weekend.
Bella is doing great. It’s so much fun walking her now, she heels close to perfectly, even on busy street as st. Catherine. The leave it command works also very very well.
Drop it and place work well but there she still needs a little more reinforcement
I’m very happy though that she is following the commands so well. I can’t imagine anymore how it was to walk her while she was pulling and picking up everything!! Thank you so much for your work with Bella. You really helped us. I’m so glad I had her trained by you!
I’ll keep you updated over the next days/weeks and then we can schedule a follow up session soon.
Thank you for everything!
Have a great day,
Hi Nick,
Just an example, I took a small video of Bella on Saturday on St Catherine. Find it below
Also, Some friends have seen Bella heel and they were very impressed. They said her walking behaviour changed so much, they could barely believe it!
This for now, I’ll send updates and videos along the way.
Take care and have a good day,


Sirius Dog Training in Vaudreuil, Qc

This is Sirius Dog Training


In Kennel Training

Offers many advantages - especially learning to work around high level distractions. As you can see in the video - Sirius is working around many dogs - all of them running and around - some trying to get his attention and he has to stay on point and do his work for me.
What a job for any dog - let alone a 5 month old puppy.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Sirius is a rare breed of dog known as a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. A wonderful breed - albeit too intense for most people. If your idea of fun with your dog is coming home from work and just hanging out - look for another breed.
If you want a breed of dog who is ready to go at any time and always up for a job - this could be a breed for you.


A Well trained Montreal Pitbull


Daseot’s owners want to do the right thing and have a well trained PitBull.

Montreal area PitBull owners

are under a lot of scrutiny these days and taking the initiative to have well behaved dogs is their best defense to being allowed to continue to own their dogs in peace.
Daseot is a wonderful dog who came in for obedience training and was quite a handful when he first arrived - here he is 2 weeks later.

Bermy the Golden doodle

Bermy vid pic

Bermy is 5 month old pup who is already on and off leaash trained. Take a look at his ability to focus under distraction!

5 month old Golden Doodle after 2 weeks of training @ Family K9 Boot camp!

Rescue me!


Charlie is a rescue dog who who overwhelming energy and personality were making life dificult for his owners.

Rescue dogs - like any other - a well trained dog equals success

He was a challenge to train initially - but has proven to be a wonderful dog since he has turned the corner in training.
Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing to do - for both human and dog - but commiting to it and making it work long terms takes work and training - Charlie and his family are going to enjoy one another much more now that everyone will be on the same page.

A working dog is a happy dog

He loves to work and looks forward to his daily lessons - as you can see by his bouncy atitude in this video.

Nice moments in dog training - week of July 18, 2016


My career as a dog trainer working in Montreal is never boring.

Every week I meet with new clients and their dogs, helping them train and in many cases retrain their pets to fit into their lives.I can be any and every where inand around Montreal in a day and by the end of the week if I look back on my schedule - I sometimes wonder how I manage to get it all done.

This week started with picking up a young rescue dog named Artie who is a shy and very loveable dog who needs obedience and is coming into the kennel. I brought Artie in and just let him settle and hang out while I trained some of my other dogs.
Artie getting used to his new surrounding and hanging out with Vader and Vito.

Dog Training in Montreal’s west island, South Shore, Downtown, NDG, Cote St Luc, Hampstead and all over.

Getting around in the summer traffic - especially this summer with all the road closures and construction has been especially tough.
The rest of my day has me in Downtown Montreal, Montreal’s South Shore and Ile Perrot.

Tuesday had me back at the kennel in Vaudreuil training my gang of Board & Train dogs and then on the road in Dollard Des Ormaeux (DDO), NDG, Cote St Luc and Hampstead.

I started to retrain a wonderful little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by a charming older couple. They had previoulsy done a training course with Barkbusters and still felt they had not acheived any measurable results with their dog. They said the nicest thing to me after our first session - the husband commented that he felt he related more to his dog in the one hour we trained together than in the 6 months he had her. That made my day.

I also finished up a course with Vasco’s family - which was bittersweet. I had trained their last dog Spencer with them about 15 or so years ago. Spencer has since passed away and they called me prior to getting Basco as a baby to arrange for puppy training.
Vasco was a little hellion as a pupy - very intense and focused like a laser pointer.
When we finished puppy training I explained to his owners that they needed to wait until he was 4 1/2 months old to begin his obedience. When Allan contacted me and explained in an email that he “felt Vasco was ready to begin sooner becasue he was exceptionally bright” I knew that was code for “help us get this little ^&*^&* in line”.
Vasco is a well loved and I am proud ot say well behaved family member now.
Here is apicture of him doing place at our last lesson. This is right off of Sherbrooke street @ 5:30 rush hour - with people and dogs everywhere and lots of traffic.

It was nice to train together again after all these years and their boys - now young men - were babies when we last trained.

Wednesday was West Island and South shore both Brossard and St Lambert. I was also training a young pup at a medical clinic who is going to be a pet and therapy dog - and goes to work at the clinic ech day.

The rest of the week has me all over from the West ISland to the east end and the South Shore - it has been a busy week.

Dog training with distractions

Vader is working through some very impressive distractions while Vito does his best to bait him to go play .Vader has been told to go to his place and does an excellent job of controlling himself despite Vito’s best efforts. Vader is a young puppy - just about 5 months old - so this kind of distraction is extremely tough for a young playful puppy. Angel the German Shepherd who just started her training. Look for a full video featuring Angel in the coming days - she is nice young dog who belongs to a very special family and their story will touch you. Here she is learning to heel off leasha dn she completely ignores the boys out in the street playing basketball. Her owner was more than a little impressed when watching her work today and for good reason - her focus is already very good for a dog who has only been in training for three days.

Here are some video highlights from this week:


Hershey the cholcolate Labrador Retriever


How to train a dog aggressive dog


Transferring the dog's new obedience training to the dog's owner

obedient labrador Retriever Montreal

On and off leash obedience in 3 weeks - K9 Boot Camp

Here is David working with Fenway for the very first time - just moinutes after Fenway arrived home from training.

Dog training and teaching people - bringing the team together

Fenway was in training for 3 weeks and has learned all of his obedience both on and off leaash - now I am teaching David how to properly handle Fenway so he is just as obedient to his owners as he was to his trainer and they are doing an excellent job together.

Obedience and a Happy Dog - Montreal Dog Training done right!

Fenway is so happy to work with his onbwers that he even gives David a little bunny hop at the end of being released from his place. David tells Fenway to stop and he does instantly. I love the enthusiasma nd will take that over a flat, lifeless obedient robot anyday of the week. It proves how happy Fenway is to work.

Owner and newly trained dog working together for the first time

heeling off leash montreal

Video of a newly trained dog and her owner working together for the 1st time!

Catalina had a hard time walking Mia on leash prior to training so needless to say she was beyond thrilled to be able to not only have her heel nicely on leash but have a very focused and pretty heel off leash too. Mia’s training is all done both on and off leash.

In kennel training done right. The dog is obedient to the owner from day one!

Here is a quick video clip from Catalina and Mia’s transfer lesson. This is their first time working together and Catalina islearning how to properly handle Mia and doing a wonderful job. You can see them coming together as a teama dn Mia is doing a great job of focusing on her owner and following her every command - even though I am standing right there and have trained her every day for the past thre weeks.


Saving a dog from being hit by a car

Shiba Inu off leash obedience training, TMR, Vaudreuil, Montreal QC Read More...

Nyka - a very driven Malinois with Dog Aggression

Nyka the malinois carrying a branch.

Malinois - not for everyone!

Nyka is a great dog - from the world famoud Ot Vitosha Kennels.
Anyone in the working dog world knows that Ivan Balabanov breeds highly driven dogs and they are not for the faint of heart. It is like getting in an F1 car - you better buckle up and hold on tight!

Gilles and Connie - wonderful dog owners from Laval, QC - were having trouble with Nyka and after trying other trainers - contacted Nick to help them with Nyka.

This video is different in format than mpst of the other ones due to Nyka’s character - i wanted to showcase several things:
one - playing tug of war with him and having him switch in and out of commands. This shows his controllability even when in high drive
Having him workaround Hyper - who is a male INTACT Dutch Shepherd who was about 12 years old @ the time.
Very challenging for a dog with dog aggression issues.

Having Hyper bark and join in on the work - showing more contorllability in close proximity

Having him control himself while I play tug with Hyper - taking things even further becasue now we not only are controlling in high drive but also added an element of competitiveness to this - fueling the fire - but keeping Nyka cool!
Thanks for your help Hype - miss you buddy!

Callie's torture test!

Montreal’s Best Trained terriers!

Callie is a 5 month old puppy who is the life of the party.
If you were at a party where a drunk was running around laughing, telling dirty jokes with a lampshade on their head - in dog terms that’s Callie.

A very well trained 5 month old puppy

Take a look at how well she is working around her distracting friends.
This is a key element to having a succesfully trained dog.
Everyone has a dog that will listen sometimes - but will they obey even when the distractions are this pressing? And keep their tail wagging the whole time?
Her owners are in for a real treat when she returns home!

Charlotte's Place

Here is Charlotte doing place with her carry on bag, and a camera bag to boot!
What a good little dog!
Many people thik that little dogs cant be trained - we know better!

Will my dog listen to me or just my trainer?

Will your dog listen to you if it is trained by Nick?Without a doubt!

It all depends on two very important details:

1) How is the dog trained?

If your dog is trained with methods that allow for easy transfer and rely on the scientific pricipals of learning - your dog should be responsive to you right away.

2) The quality of instruction the trainer gives the onwer once the dog return home.

Transfer lessons are hugely important in order forowners and dogs to successfully continue where the trainer left off with the dog.
With over 20 years in the business of helping dog owners train their pets to be reliable both on and off leash - Nick has this aspect dialed in to a “T:.

Take a look at Jonathan and Maeby in their first lesson together.

It is easy to see that Maeby has a very nice and relaxed focus and Jonathan although still learning the ropes is keeping her attention and walking her through the steps with ease.

All of this is being done off leash on their very first day in a park in NDG with people and dogs nearby as well as a busy road just a few feet away.

One other thing to consider is that Maeby had to focus on Nick while in training with him for three weeks and is now totally tuning Nick out while he stands thee filming and talking to Jonathan - clearly she has transferred over to her onwer.

Training Terriers! Really?!?

Scottish Terrier Bobby in training and wearing his K9 - Cam and vest!

Dog Aggression solutions in Montreal - Family K9 to the rescue!

Bobby’s owner called me for training out of concern regarding Bobby’s dog aggression as well as a lack of general training.
We spoke @ length about the training and I explained that I can teach most any dog to control itself through proper training - and some dogs become social - which is an added bonus - and some don’t. But at the end of the day the bottom line is we will have a trained dog and a dog that can be walked, come when called, fo to place and ignore other dogs outside on a walk as needed.
You can clearly see in this video that not only is Bobby focused and very obedient - he heels both on and off leash, comes when called from a good distance, stays on his place under major distractions - he is also very social with both little and large dogs!

Control and social skilles developed through dog training

I am so proud of how far this little guy has come in only two weeks! When he first came in - he sounded like a dog caught in a blender whenever he would see another dog. In fact I emailed his owner to tell her about the “Excorcism of young Robert” because that was how channeled his aggression was.
Go Bobby!

Montreal's most obedient Beagle - Off leash dog training in Montreal

Montreal’s NDG Super Cheagle Maeby!Think a Beagle or Beagle mix cant be off leash trained and well mannered? Think again.

Montreal dog training

Maeby is a Beagle mix whose owners decided to have trained after having their first child. She is a sensitive and intelligent Beagle mix who has excelled at everything thrown her way and in three short weeks is fully on and off leash trained.

Take a look at her working on Heel, Come and Place as the surrounding miscreants try to corrupt her… her responsiveness and focus remain unshaken!
Go Maeby!

Here is video of Maeby working with Nick during her in kennel training program:

Here is some video footage of Maeby working with her owner for the first time the day she came home.
You can clearly see hiow well she is transferring to her woner and how well her owner has learned to concepts of how to properly maintain her training as they work together for the first time.

5 month old Toy Poodle -Fully trained off leash Cote St Luc, Qc

Betty is a highly trainable little gal. Have a look at her video and you will notice 2 things. She is very, very good for a pup of 6 months old. She can perform all of her obedience both on and off leash - and she also has a blast doing it. She can't tell when she is training and when she is playing - the way it should be!

A puppy's 1st time working with her owners after training - Montreal, Qc

A quick clip of Lola working with her owners - 10 minutes after she returned home from training.This is a very valuable clip for those who would like to know how their dog will respond to them after Nick has trained your dog for you.

Boston terrier fully trained @ 5 months old!

Lola is a 5 month old Boston Terrier - see her in action after her training!

German Shepherd Dog wants to kill cars - St Sauveur, Qc

Odin was a very special case - his drive to chase cars and level of aggression when doing so was extreme.

His previous trainer could not resolve the issue no matter how hard they tried …

His owners had tried to train Odin with another trainer unsuccessfully and came to Nick in desperation for a fix - helping make Odin much easier to take for a walk and transform him from a beast to a very loveable pet.See Odin’s owners Testimonial here

Hyper helping Nick train aggressive dogs

Two of these four dogs had aggression problems with other dogs prior to coming to NIck for training. One of which whose owners had worked for quite some time with another school to no avail.


Doberman pup from Ile Perrot Qc - fully trained @ 5 months old!

6 Month old Doberman Puppy Fully Trained!


5 month old Lab Retriever - Westmount Qc - fully trained and a joy according to his owners!

Here is Cooper fully trained in on and off leash obedience. he is a great puppy and is now trained for life - he can heel, come when called, sit and stay, go to and stay on his place as well as leave it, not jump up and not nip.


All the way from Boston- to St Lazare for Dog Training! Jackson and Leslie

People often ask how a dog will work for its owner after it has been trained by Nick. The obvious fear is that the dog will be obedient for the trainer and not for the owner.