2 days in - no more pulling on leash

“Look Ma - no more leash pulling!”

Jersey is in training for 2 days when this was filmed.
He used to pull like a maniac - so much so that he took his owners down to the ground. Here he is on his 2nd lesson - and it is only going to keep getting better!

Dog School for Handlers and Trainers

Family K9 Montreal Dog Training German Shepherd Heeling

Here we see Bailey and Frank at work on their heel excercise.
Bailey was a beast when she came in for training - I honestly don’t know how Frank lived with her before she was trained.
She has the energy of a hurricane, is aggressive (although you’d never know it in this video) and pulled like CRAZY on leash
She is a very trainable dog as you can see here - and she has done well.

Key pointers to a nice and focused heel command

In this video I am teaching Frank some key things on how to properly handle her to get a nice and focused heel.

Walk your dog with a loose leash

Frank needs to learn the finer points of handling the leash & how to be more attractive to Bailey.

The Dog trained the owner

He has a tendancy to keep the leash tight. This is a result of Bailey dragging him around on leash for months before she came to me for training - so Frank being a big, strong guy is used to gripping his leash and holding on for the ride.
Bailey knows how to walk well now and Frank has to learn to walk with a nice loose feel to it in order to allow her to stay by his side.
It is a funny thing - but even a well trained dog will pull on leash if we apply tension.

Be attractive your dog

Bailey’s energy can be used to our advantage in this case and we want to make it fun for her to heel.
She is a fun, playful pup and is always ready for a game - why not incorporate that into our heeling?
Heel is all about teamwork - it is the dog and handler walking and working together in unison - make the dog understand you feel this way through your interactions.

Watch how Bailey gets excited when I clap my hands or talk to her - she gets a little too excited and jumps up.
That’s ok - I love the bouncy playfullness and over time she’ll learn to smooth things out.
She’s young and inexperienced and goes from 0 to 100 in the excitement department like a little kid.
But she gets the message that we are happy and having fun and her focus is fantastic - so a little bounciness is more than ok for now and we’ll keep refining things as we progress.

Building relationships through training your dog

The dogs tell it all - their body language tells a whole story Bailey’s body language indicates that she is engaged, having fun and eager to work with us.

When you are training your dog - you aren’t “just teaching her to do something” you are settng the tone for your relationship with her.
Think about that for a minute.
What do you want your dog to take away from your session and how do you want your dog to feel about your leadership?

Be your dog’s buddy and her boss!

Frank loves his dog. I mean he really loves his dog - I have a video from this training session where his girlfriend tells me all about how Frank spoils Bailey. I cut that part out t save Frank some embarassment:-)

Love your dog, spoil you dog - I do the same wioth mine and will always do so.

The key is to try to find the right balance point between being the dog’s buddy and the dog’s boss.
Being Firm, Fair and fun.

Look at how happy Bailey is to heel along side Frank or myself - she is more engaged, more vibrant and clearly loves the work we are doing.

Montreal's Worst Dog Lesson 1

Here is Sadie our winner of Montreal’s worst dog@ her first lesson learning to play the follow and focus game.
Take a look at what a hard puller she was at the start of our first lesson and how drmamtically she improved over the course of an hour.

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