Dogs with Anxiety

Training a 14 year old dog with Anxiety issues

14 years of behavioural problems corrected in 2 weeks of intensive training.

Taz is a 14 year old dog who has a long list of behvioural issues & he is currently on medication for his anxiety.
Anyone who knows Taz knows that he reacts to everyone and everything by barking. He has hurt himself by pulling too hard on leash, has eaten gravel and created multiple blockages as a result of nervous ness and displacement behaviours. His owner was resigned to live with him “as is” until a new living situation with another dog forced her to have Taz trained.
So here we are - starting out with a very senior dog - with a list of behavioural problems and are going to have him fully trained in 2 weeks time!

Dogs can learn and adapt at any age with the right help.

I will add videos of Taz’s training as his lessons progress - make sure to share this page with anyone you know with an older dog to shows them what can be done with any dog - even at an old age and a long list of behvioural problems!

Taz day 2:

Learning to come when called - Taz started learning to come when called - and was off to a good start. A very good start in fact.
All of Taz’s training is going to be done on AND off leash - so here we are already beginning his opff leash training on DAY 2. We are on a busy street in Kirkland, QC with lots of cars going right behind usand Taz is on point!

Day 3

Taz started learning to heel today. Taz is a very reactive dog who never passes an opportunity to bark at people on the street. So I took a chance to fil him around the guys working on the sewer. I allowed him to pause and observe them.
  • No barking?
  • Check.
  • Calm?
  • Check.
  • Come when called?
  • check.
  • Heel nicely after coming back?
  • Check.

Day 3 in the books:-)