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What to do when your dog is behaving aggressively and biting you

No one expects things to go this way when they set out to add a dog to their family. We bring home a dog with the best of intentions and love in our hearts. We romanticize about how things are going to go - and then BAM your own dog sinks his teeth into you - and shatters your image of what dog ownership was supposed to be. It feels like a betrayal and owners are both scared of their dog and emotionally shattered when they realize their dog who they love dearly is a danger to them.

Expert help with your dog in Montreal

Ozzie’s owners were referred to me by a past client who also had aggession issues with their dog who we succesfully trained several years back.

Dont throw away the dog

At our first encounter Ozzie bit me a number of times - only on leash and during a walk. In the house - he was very sweet and affectionate just as he is with his people - and true to form they only saw the aggression out on a walk as well. We had originally set out to do an in home intensive course but we all felt that an in kennel program would be better suited and set out to have him come into the kennel the very next day.What you see in this video is Ozzie just shy of 2 weeks into his training. he has transformed from a dog who would bite multiple times and even attepmt to bite me with a muzzle on - to a dog that is no longer wearing a muzzle and very attentive,obedient and happy.

Successful rehabilitation of problem behaviour on dogs

There is no magic pill. No cure. Anyone who tells you different is lacking knowledge and experience or trying to sell you something.Aggression issue never go away - they are managed. It is important to never lose sight of this fact.

Dog Training is about building relationships

Ozzie came into the training program feeling tentative and I took the opportunity to build a relationship with him - not just “train” him. In other words - I showed him that there is a different way to relate to people and that this can be a positive experience and you can see in his attitude that he really feels good about what we have done together. His body language is loose and flowing. He has a bounce in his step when we work together and is very playful. He’ll climb up on me for petting and hugs and jump all over me any time he is invited to do so.

We Do Not Need To Dominate Dogs to Train Them

I believe in teamwork. of course I am the boss - there is no mistaking that - especially with a dog that is ready to bite me. BUT - I always have the end goal of working as a team and take every opportunity to show the dog I am supporting his efforts, encouragin his good choices and making training fun.

Making life easier for Montreal Dogs and their people

Andre wanted what every dog owner wants:
To be able to include his dog in his daily activities and be able to control her as needed.
Airdale Terrier aggressive problems Lachine Canal

Dog behaviour wishlist:

Andre contacted me by email about his Airdale Terrier Lizbeth and he had some specific problems he hoped to have corrected.:
She could be aggressive to people at times and in certain contexts.
No one could approach the car when she was in it - she would try and bite.
He could not go through a drive through with Lizbeth for the same reason.
Joggers and fast moving people were potential bites as well as strangers out on a walk.
She was bratty in the house and he had no off leash control outside.
His daily routine at a local cafe/bakery coffee and a muffin was a problem since Lizbeth would get too excited and bark in a frenzy when they got there.
Her greetings of people she knew were out of control at times and needed to be toned down - allowing Lizbeth and the people she knew to interact in a more pleasurable way.

Andre wanted what every dog owner wants: To be able to include his dog in his daily activities and be able to control her as needed.

Andre enrolled Lizbeth in
Family K9’s 2 week in home intensive training program - and the results you see in the video are at the end of the program - with Andre having learned to handle her just the day before.
Listen to what he has to say as well as watch how well he handles Lizbeth - all in 1 day since her completion. Note he also speaks about what he did with her in between our lesson - so
she is not just working becasue the trainer is present.

If the dog is trained properly - the owner as well as the trainer can have excellent control and reliability. Two weeks to a better dog!

The video shows a drive through @ a local Mcdonald’s for coffe with Lizbeth being perfectly behaved as well as Andre and Lizbeth showing off a variety of off leash obedience around joggers, walkers and other distractions right on the Lachine Canal, as well as a surprise run in with Andre’s housekeeper whom Lizbeth clearly adores and as you can see Lizbeth is happy to greet her and inetract with her - she does so in a perfectly sweet and charming ay rahter than getting wild.

Building confidence in fearful dogs

Luna’s Onwers, Michael and Vanessa contacted me with concerns about their dog Luna - who was barking non stop and lunging at people and dogs the minute they stepped outside their condo door. Being nice, responsible peopple they knew something had to be done becasue the behaviour was unnaceptable to them and they didnt want their dog to casue anyone any problems nor for their dog to live such a stressed out existance.

Teaching fearful dogs to de-stress

We did three lessons together and here is the final result in the video.
Luna has long since been fine walking around people - both in the condo building and outdoors - the last step was being anywhere near a dog - she would still go nuts!
So I invited them to the kennel and brought out the most annoying dog I had there (sorry Bailey!) and we worked together teaching Michael hwo to properly handle Luna in that context.
Luna already knkew everything she needed - Michael just needed to understand how to work around high level distractions.
Here is Luna 10-15 minutes into our lesson - and you can see how she is not only calm and focused - but also occassionally comes out to interact with Bailey - with more repetition she will gain even more confidence!

Dog Aggression, People Aggression and Possesive Aggression - sound like fun?

Cody’s owners enrolled Cody in Family K9’s in home Intensive training - Nick trained Cody for 2 weeks and then taught his owners how to maintain the training Cody received and have been doing great on their own since then.
Cody Galasso Greenstone4
Here is the email I got from Cody’s owner prior to training to give what you are watching some context:

Hi Nick,

Cody is a two year old Cockapoo who has had two trainers in the past year. One was quite brief to help train the basics. The second was a board and train for one week, plus a few sessions here and there. The latter was better for Cody but we still have nagging issues which we want to completely get rid one. The list is as follows:

- About 75-80% of the time, when walking on the street, he will lunge at people simply walking by. I have to move him to the opposite side of my body to ensure he doesn't lunge. However, if someone surprises us, it's game over.
- 100% of the time he sees a dog on the street, he will bark, tug and lose control. He simply does not like other dogs, no matter what. Occasionally, on walks with very docile dogs, he will get used to them and calm down. However, as soon as we enter a house or the other dog moves quickly, he will lose it and lunge at the dogs.
- He also gets protective over things like food, kleenex or junk on the street. There's no chance to reach in and take it out with our hands because he's sure to bite and draw blood. Although he immediately regrets biting us (he rolls over on his back or walks away head down/tail tucked) it's still unacceptable. We don't have kids yet but want to be sure this is not an issue when the time comes.

Here is an email from Cody’s owners several weeks after his training:
Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out.

Cody is doing very well. He's been very good with place (held it up to 45 minutes just yesterday without the zap). He's calmer in general around new people.

We're still working to get him better while walking by new dogs but has been very good around Dayna's parent's dog. Other than a few low growls, he's been very good. 

The Out command is working well too. Did not take long to train him and he does with everything. Still gets kleenex/toilette paper when we're not looking but is easily controlled after that point.

Walking/Heel is good too!

Thanks a lot for checking in. We can discuss at which point we need to do the refresher/update.

Hope all is well with you.


Biting Labrador Retirever Rehabilitated in Chomedy, Laval Dog Training

A video of Joanna and her male Labrador retriever Apollo.Apollo was a very aggressive dog who could not be trusted around people other than his owners and would bite if given the chance. Joanna enrolled Apollo in Family K9's remote training course - and now has complete on and off leash control over him and everyone is much safer and happier.

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