A Well trained Montreal Pitbull


Daseot’s owners want to do the right thing and have a well trained PitBull.

Montreal area PitBull owners

are under a lot of scrutiny these days and taking the initiative to have well behaved dogs is their best defense to being allowed to continue to own their dogs in peace.
Daseot is a wonderful dog who came in for obedience training and was quite a handful when he first arrived - here he is 2 weeks later.

Bermy the Golden doodle

Bermy vid pic

Bermy is 5 month old pup who is already on and off leaash trained. Take a look at his ability to focus under distraction!

5 month old Golden Doodle after 2 weeks of training @ Family K9 Boot camp!

Rescue me!


Charlie is a rescue dog who who overwhelming energy and personality were making life dificult for his owners.

Rescue dogs - like any other - a well trained dog equals success

He was a challenge to train initially - but has proven to be a wonderful dog since he has turned the corner in training.
Rescuing a dog is a wonderful thing to do - for both human and dog - but commiting to it and making it work long terms takes work and training - Charlie and his family are going to enjoy one another much more now that everyone will be on the same page.

A working dog is a happy dog

He loves to work and looks forward to his daily lessons - as you can see by his bouncy atitude in this video.



5 month old Labradoolde puppy - off leash obedience with distractions

Finn spends his days at a medical clinic - he is the office mascot and loved by all.
It is important for everyoen that he is a well behaved and manageable puppy - and as you can see in this video - he surely is!
His owner Began his training with Family K9 when he was a young pup - and in this video he is 5 months old.
You can see him working both on and off leash - around a TON of distractions in this video.

Awesome dogs in training make for Awesome Dog Training Pics

Some pictures of dogs in training

Such obedient dogs!

Young Finn The Labradoodle - training in obedience and to be a therapy dog.

Daseot the PItBull - in a land far far away… On his place
Bermy the Labradoodle practicing his recall and doing great!
Bermy Recall
Bermy chilling with company.
Charlie boy. Oh Charlie boy - what a good dog you are turning out to be and what a project you have been!
Daseot holding a great sit and stay.
My 1
Daseot heeling and fixating on the camera in his face.
My Movie 1
Just a cool dog pic!
My