Rehabiliting Rescue dogs and building confidence

Philip and Willie heeling past the stressful distractions. Teaching a dog to have excellent focus is a great help to getting them past environmental stresors.

Training Rescue dogs with fear issues

Philip rescued Willie from as an older dog who had never been exposed to the world.Our first lesson was in a empty park and poor Willie had trouble with the odd person at over 100 feet away. She wanted to bolt and run.She was also distant and detached from Philip which isn’t uncommon in dogs who didn’t bond to a human early in their lives.

Right from our first lesson Philip noticed how well Willie took to training and her focus and connection to Philip started to emerge very quickly.

Working with rescue dogs requires knowledge, skill and patience

By lesson three she became accustomed to riding in the car and we had to work with her around a huge school day in a park in the west island - hundreds of kids running around and yelling and loud music - all the things to stress poor WIllie out - yet she did great.By lesson 5 she was working alongside all the people coming in and out of Fairview mall as well as the trucks and buses passing through the parking lot.

Dog helping people and people helping dogs

There was a crowd of people getting off of a bus at the mall and everyone wants to pet Willie. Many of the people from the bus were in wheelchairs which can be stressful even for a confident dogs without the issues that Willie has.This was a great opportunity to see how far Willie has come.In the past she would have tried to climb on top of Philip or run away - but she sat there and accepted the petting and even leaned into the people’s hands - showing comfort and trust.

Winnie wheelchair

German Shepherd heeling in 360 degree video

The first 360 degree dog training videos online!

Watch in chrome or firefox or google carboard or youtube360 on your iphone/ipad.

Ray is a wonderful German Shepherd who came in for training a week and a half befoe this was filmed he has great working potential and is progressing nicely in his training as you can see here in this clip where he is heeling alongside me and completely focused and engaged in his work.

Ray is not a 2 headed beast but the nature of the 360 degree filming as displayed on youtuibe will present all the angles in one flat “pancake” view which is disorienting - pls try one of the brownsers or apps to get the awesome 360 effect where you can pan and adjust the angles while you watch.

Can you trust your dog off leash? In traffic?!?

Can you trust your dog off leash in the busy streets of Montreal?  Theresa can.

Owner & newly trained dog working together for the first time
Here is the best part – this is her first time working with Bella since Bella came home from training.  Bella was at training for three weeks and this is their first time working together – in fact it is in the first half hour of our lesson.  Theresa asked me if we would be able to heel Bella off leash after training and I told her of course we would – so I offered to remove the leash during our lesson and she was totally up for it.
Heel off leash – the key is focus
Bella is very focused on Theresa – you can see that she glues herself to Theresa’s leg – and watches her very attentively.
In all of her training Bella has learned that she has to focus and obey immediately – this can keep her safe and allow both Bella and Theresa much more freedom in where they go and what they do.

Off leash training can save your dog’s life

Leashes break or get dropped, collars come loose and slip off – doors get left open etc..   there is no shortage of situations where having off leash control could save a dog’s life.
Theresa had concern’s about Bella’s behaviour  – she would pull on leash, could not be trusted off leash and would eat any/everything she could find while out on a walk.   Such a nice transformation in three weeks of training.  
In kennel training program.
Bella can heel off leash (and on leash of course) come when called, drop what she is told to, sit and stay, go to and stay on her place (look for a future video of this) and much more.

Making the most out of your dog’s training
Theresa has the right attitude and wants to make the most out of Bella. I love working with people who are hungry to develop their  dog’s training. Below are a couple of emails I received from Theresa just a couple of days after Bella’s return.   I love working with people like this – it makes my job a breeze. I know I can train the dog – that is never a question – no matter the dog or issue.  What I don’t know (unless I have already worked with the owner before) is if the person in charge will follow through and make the most out of the training their dog has received. In Theresa and Bella’s case it is clear that not only will she maintain the training – but Bella will  thrive and even  improve.

 Montreal dog training reviews from happy clients:

Good morning Nick,
I hope you had a good weekend.
Bella is doing great. It’s so much fun walking her now, she heels close to perfectly, even on busy street as st. Catherine. The leave it command works also very very well.
Drop it and place work well but there she still needs a little more reinforcement
I’m very happy though that she is following the commands so well. I can’t imagine anymore how it was to walk her while she was pulling and picking up everything!! Thank you so much for your work with Bella. You really helped us. I’m so glad I had her trained by you!
I’ll keep you updated over the next days/weeks and then we can schedule a follow up session soon.
Thank you for everything!
Have a great day,
Hi Nick,
Just an example, I took a small video of Bella on Saturday on St Catherine. Find it below
Also, Some friends have seen Bella heel and they were very impressed. They said her walking behaviour changed so much, they could barely believe it!
This for now, I’ll send updates and videos along the way.
Take care and have a good day,


Sirius Dog Training in Vaudreuil, Qc

This is Sirius Dog Training


In Kennel Training

Offers many advantages - especially learning to work around high level distractions. As you can see in the video - Sirius is working around many dogs - all of them running and around - some trying to get his attention and he has to stay on point and do his work for me.
What a job for any dog - let alone a 5 month old puppy.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Sirius is a rare breed of dog known as a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. A wonderful breed - albeit too intense for most people. If your idea of fun with your dog is coming home from work and just hanging out - look for another breed.
If you want a breed of dog who is ready to go at any time and always up for a job - this could be a breed for you.