Fully Off leash trained in under 3 weeks!

Rescue mix breed dog training

Rescue dog fully off leah trained in less than 3 weeks

Here is Niko less than three weeks after he came in for training. I am so proud of how well he has done - and he is such a fun dog to train!

Off leash obedience with distractions

Niko is doing all of his excercises off leash - and with other dogs around and getting in his space to boot. He can heel, come when called, sit and staya nd go to and stay on his place - with all the other dogs pestering him. No easy feat!

My only regret is I forgot to bring along his training collar to the session and we used one of mine - which is clearly a size too big for Niko - he didnt mind - it just looks goofy to me:-)

How long will my dog need the collar for?

I call Bobby - a Scottish Terrier into the mix at one point. I trained Bobby last year and he is back for boarding so I thought it would be fun to include him as a distraction.

Bob/Bobby/Robert (as we call him depending on the day) was a hellion when he came in and had a good degree fo dog aggression - one of the main issues when his owner contacted me for training last summer.
Here he is - having fun with the little dogs outside - no aggression at all - no training collar and doing a perfect recall and place command - just cause he can!

Two obedient dogs off leash

2 for 1.
I Can’t comlain.
Both dogs keep their focus completely on me - waiting for the next command.

Dog training should be fun and produce results

Thanks to their training Niko and Bobby’s owners as well as the dogs can enjoy their lives with little stress and go whever they like without worry.


Owner and newly trained dog working together for the first time

heeling off leash montreal

Video of a newly trained dog and her owner working together for the 1st time!

Catalina had a hard time walking Mia on leash prior to training so needless to say she was beyond thrilled to be able to not only have her heel nicely on leash but have a very focused and pretty heel off leash too. Mia’s training is all done both on and off leash.

In kennel training done right. The dog is obedient to the owner from day one!

Here is a quick video clip from Catalina and Mia’s transfer lesson. This is their first time working together and Catalina islearning how to properly handle Mia and doing a wonderful job. You can see them coming together as a teama dn Mia is doing a great job of focusing on her owner and following her every command - even though I am standing right there and have trained her every day for the past thre weeks.