Hershey the cholcolate Labrador Retriever


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Transferring the dog's new obedience training to the dog's owner

obedient labrador Retriever Montreal

On and off leash obedience in 3 weeks - K9 Boot Camp

Here is David working with Fenway for the very first time - just moinutes after Fenway arrived home from training.

Dog training and teaching people - bringing the team together

Fenway was in training for 3 weeks and has learned all of his obedience both on and off leaash - now I am teaching David how to properly handle Fenway so he is just as obedient to his owners as he was to his trainer and they are doing an excellent job together.

Obedience and a Happy Dog - Montreal Dog Training done right!

Fenway is so happy to work with his onbwers that he even gives David a little bunny hop at the end of being released from his place. David tells Fenway to stop and he does instantly. I love the enthusiasma nd will take that over a flat, lifeless obedient robot anyday of the week. It proves how happy Fenway is to work.

2 days in - no more pulling on leash

“Look Ma - no more leash pulling!”

Jersey is in training for 2 days when this was filmed.
He used to pull like a maniac - so much so that he took his owners down to the ground. Here he is on his 2nd lesson - and it is only going to keep getting better!