How well does your dog Heel?

Angel is a young Shiloh Shepherd who has had one and half weeks of training in this video.

Does your dog know left from right?

I am playing a game with Angel to test her and see if she truly understands that she should only heel on the left.

I start her on the right - and she comes back. I move out of the way to trick her.
She comes back.

She clearly gets that she heels on the left hand side.

Can your dog heel off leash?

All of this is being done off leash - out in the street - with neighbours out doing normal daily things, kids playing basketball just down the street and other distractions around.
Angels is doing everything off leash after just 1 & 1/2 weeks.

Focus, Focus, Focus - the key to a well trained dog

Aside from our left/right game - Angels focus is outstanding. Watch how she never takes her eyes off of me - we connect from the moment we start to work until it is over. Dog trainign is about communication - and is a 2 way conversation - not a dialogue. Angel tells me all I need to know from her eyes and body language.

Labradoodle training

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason:

They dont shed.
They are cute and can be had in a nice compact package.
And they are smart.

5 month old Labradoodle puppy off leash obedince trained in just one week

Here is Jarvis - a 5 month old Labradoodle who has had one week of training and is already doing all of his excercises both on and off leash.
he is a fantastic little pup - who has learned to Heel, Come when called, go to his place and stay there, Sit and Stay, Leave it, Not jump up, not bite.

Good dog owners are the key to raising wel behaved pets

His owners are fantastic and very involved with Jarvis, wanting him to be a part fo the family and making his training a top priority. We did puppy training when Jarvis was still quite young and this is the follow up to his puppy training and wil be the training that will carry him for the rest of his life!


What can a trainer do in 2 lessons?

Nice moments in dog training - week of July 18, 2016


My career as a dog trainer working in Montreal is never boring.

Every week I meet with new clients and their dogs, helping them train and in many cases retrain their pets to fit into their lives.I can be any and every where inand around Montreal in a day and by the end of the week if I look back on my schedule - I sometimes wonder how I manage to get it all done.

This week started with picking up a young rescue dog named Artie who is a shy and very loveable dog who needs obedience and is coming into the kennel. I brought Artie in and just let him settle and hang out while I trained some of my other dogs.
Artie getting used to his new surrounding and hanging out with Vader and Vito.

Dog Training in Montreal’s west island, South Shore, Downtown, NDG, Cote St Luc, Hampstead and all over.

Getting around in the summer traffic - especially this summer with all the road closures and construction has been especially tough.
The rest of my day has me in Downtown Montreal, Montreal’s South Shore and Ile Perrot.

Tuesday had me back at the kennel in Vaudreuil training my gang of Board & Train dogs and then on the road in Dollard Des Ormaeux (DDO), NDG, Cote St Luc and Hampstead.

I started to retrain a wonderful little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by a charming older couple. They had previoulsy done a training course with Barkbusters and still felt they had not acheived any measurable results with their dog. They said the nicest thing to me after our first session - the husband commented that he felt he related more to his dog in the one hour we trained together than in the 6 months he had her. That made my day.

I also finished up a course with Vasco’s family - which was bittersweet. I had trained their last dog Spencer with them about 15 or so years ago. Spencer has since passed away and they called me prior to getting Basco as a baby to arrange for puppy training.
Vasco was a little hellion as a pupy - very intense and focused like a laser pointer.
When we finished puppy training I explained to his owners that they needed to wait until he was 4 1/2 months old to begin his obedience. When Allan contacted me and explained in an email that he “felt Vasco was ready to begin sooner becasue he was exceptionally bright” I knew that was code for “help us get this little ^&*^&* in line”.
Vasco is a well loved and I am proud ot say well behaved family member now.
Here is apicture of him doing place at our last lesson. This is right off of Sherbrooke street @ 5:30 rush hour - with people and dogs everywhere and lots of traffic.

It was nice to train together again after all these years and their boys - now young men - were babies when we last trained.

Wednesday was West Island and South shore both Brossard and St Lambert. I was also training a young pup at a medical clinic who is going to be a pet and therapy dog - and goes to work at the clinic ech day.

The rest of the week has me all over from the West ISland to the east end and the South Shore - it has been a busy week.

Dog training with distractions

Vader is working through some very impressive distractions while Vito does his best to bait him to go play .Vader has been told to go to his place and does an excellent job of controlling himself despite Vito’s best efforts. Vader is a young puppy - just about 5 months old - so this kind of distraction is extremely tough for a young playful puppy. Angel the German Shepherd who just started her training. Look for a full video featuring Angel in the coming days - she is nice young dog who belongs to a very special family and their story will touch you. Here she is learning to heel off leasha dn she completely ignores the boys out in the street playing basketball. Her owner was more than a little impressed when watching her work today and for good reason - her focus is already very good for a dog who has only been in training for three days.

Here are some video highlights from this week:


Training a 14 year old dog with Anxiety issues

14 years of behavioural problems corrected in 2 weeks of intensive training.

Taz is a 14 year old dog who has a long list of behvioural issues & he is currently on medication for his anxiety.
Anyone who knows Taz knows that he reacts to everyone and everything by barking. He has hurt himself by pulling too hard on leash, has eaten gravel and created multiple blockages as a result of nervous ness and displacement behaviours. His owner was resigned to live with him “as is” until a new living situation with another dog forced her to have Taz trained.
So here we are - starting out with a very senior dog - with a list of behavioural problems and are going to have him fully trained in 2 weeks time!

Dogs can learn and adapt at any age with the right help.

I will add videos of Taz’s training as his lessons progress - make sure to share this page with anyone you know with an older dog to shows them what can be done with any dog - even at an old age and a long list of behvioural problems!

Taz day 2:

Learning to come when called - Taz started learning to come when called - and was off to a good start. A very good start in fact.
All of Taz’s training is going to be done on AND off leash - so here we are already beginning his opff leash training on DAY 2. We are on a busy street in Kirkland, QC with lots of cars going right behind usand Taz is on point!

Day 3

Taz started learning to heel today. Taz is a very reactive dog who never passes an opportunity to bark at people on the street. So I took a chance to fil him around the guys working on the sewer. I allowed him to pause and observe them.
  • No barking?
  • Check.
  • Calm?
  • Check.
  • Come when called?
  • check.
  • Heel nicely after coming back?
  • Check.

Day 3 in the books:-)