Will my dog listen to me or just my trainer?

Will your dog listen to you if it is trained by Nick?Without a doubt!

It all depends on two very important details:

1) How is the dog trained?

If your dog is trained with methods that allow for easy transfer and rely on the scientific pricipals of learning - your dog should be responsive to you right away.

2) The quality of instruction the trainer gives the onwer once the dog return home.

Transfer lessons are hugely important in order forowners and dogs to successfully continue where the trainer left off with the dog.
With over 20 years in the business of helping dog owners train their pets to be reliable both on and off leash - Nick has this aspect dialed in to a “T:.

Take a look at Jonathan and Maeby in their first lesson together.

It is easy to see that Maeby has a very nice and relaxed focus and Jonathan although still learning the ropes is keeping her attention and walking her through the steps with ease.

All of this is being done off leash on their very first day in a park in NDG with people and dogs nearby as well as a busy road just a few feet away.

One other thing to consider is that Maeby had to focus on Nick while in training with him for three weeks and is now totally tuning Nick out while he stands thee filming and talking to Jonathan - clearly she has transferred over to her onwer.