Montreal In Home Dog Training - Frankie!

Frankie and Nick Zevgolis sharing a moment during a session.

Off Leash Control in Hampstead Dog Park

Frankioe can get caught up playing too rough with other dogs & his owners wanted to be able to control that. You can see when Nick tells him “that’s enough” as he is latching onto the big black dog - he stops instantly.This video was filmed less than 2 weeks after he started training with Nick. In fact Nick had Frankie off leash with his owner from Day 2 - and in her words she could not believe it!Watch frankie work off leash around all the other dogs - tail wagging - ready to play - but very focused and enjoying his work!

Different trainers=different results

Frankie and his owners had been through training doing private lessons at home with another trainer but did not get the results they wanted.
Frankie can now heel, come when called, sit & stay, go to his place, leave it, not jump and more. He has some fear aggression issues and those have been dealt with as well in the 2 weeks he was in training - making his life and that of his people’s much, much easier.

He really is a great dog and the training just brought out the best in him.