K9 snow day!

German Shepherd Snow

Dogs love to play in the snow!

Rover is enjoying being out in the snow and having some play/training time. Some light obedience mixed with play - keeping it fun and fresh for both trainer and dog.

Playing with your dog and obedience training at the same time!

He is working nicely off leash after only two weeks and can go from full on play to very focused in a heartbeat - which is the essence of focus and control.

5 month old Labradoodle - In home intensive dog training - Laval, QC


“I love my dog but he is driving me crazy!”

Kobe is a wonderful puppy who was driving his owners crazy.

Like many people who bring home a dog - they wanted to enjoy his company and share their lives with their new best friend - but found it to be challenging - despite their best efforts.Kobe’s owners contacted me to help them and decided to have Kobe enroll in Family K9 In Home Intensive training program. What you’ll see in this video is the “before and after” shots.

2 Weeks to a brand new dog and a new relationship with your dog

Kobe’s owners filmed him acting up - which apparently was a non stop event in the house with him - and then you will see him on day 2 and day 3 of training - behaving, listening and focusing like a completely different dog.In one week - his training will be complete and then I will teahc his owners how to continue with Kobe where I left off.