2 weeks to a fully trained labradoodle

Off leash obedience in Montreal Dog parks

Here is a fun video of Lynn and Angus working together at the end of their 2 week intensive course.Nick went to visit Angus each day for 2 weeks and trained him for Lynn and then taught Lynn how to maintain the training Angus received - and they both did fantastic.

Dog training on Dr Penfield @ Percy Walters dog park. Distractions galore.

Lynn actually met Nick at the very same dog park while Nick was training another dog and Lynn was enrolled in another trainer's class and not getting the results she had hoped for.You can see Angus heeling on and off leash - doing place - even with another dog jumping up on his rock and then taunting him to play.Take special note of how obedient Angus is in the face of distractions and so playful with the other dogs when "off duty".

Bernese Mountain Dog Heeling Off Leash in Downtown Montreal!

Here's nice follow up video sent by Alycia - showing how she is doing with Baylor. She is heeling him off leash in downtown Montreal - around lots of people and traffic - clearly she trusts her dog and his training - as well as her handling skills.I trained Baylor for Alycia - in two weeks and then taught her how to handle Baylor in one lessons working together.Videos like this make my day - it is nice to see someone out there working with their dog and making the most out of their training, time and relationship!


2 weeks to a fully off leash trained dog - and the owner learned all she needed as well. Training dogs and teaching people - 1 at a time - family K9 Dog Training.

Hey Nick,

Just thought I would give you a quick update. Baylor is doing great, we practice every day either inside or outside and today he did amazing. We were at the dog park with probably 12 other dogs and he was playing while listening to the commands I was giving him. Everyone was giving him complements as to how well he was behaved. He was coming to every single come while playing with many dogs (lots of distractions), doing his places perfectly, he even dropped a twig from his mouth when I said leave it, which was awesome. I even trusted him today to walk off leash the whole time to and from the dog park. His heel is great. We walked by many dogs and people and as long as I said leave it from time to time he stayed right by my side. 

Thank you so much for teaching me the tricks. This is so fun working with Baylor. 

Nyka - a very driven Malinois with Dog Aggression

Nyka the malinois carrying a branch.

Malinois - not for everyone!

Nyka is a great dog - from the world famoud Ot Vitosha Kennels.
Anyone in the working dog world knows that Ivan Balabanov breeds highly driven dogs and they are not for the faint of heart. It is like getting in an F1 car - you better buckle up and hold on tight!

Gilles and Connie - wonderful dog owners from Laval, QC - were having trouble with Nyka and after trying other trainers - contacted Nick to help them with Nyka.

This video is different in format than mpst of the other ones due to Nyka’s character - i wanted to showcase several things:
one - playing tug of war with him and having him switch in and out of commands. This shows his controllability even when in high drive
Having him workaround Hyper - who is a male INTACT Dutch Shepherd who was about 12 years old @ the time.
Very challenging for a dog with dog aggression issues.

Having Hyper bark and join in on the work - showing more contorllability in close proximity

Having him control himself while I play tug with Hyper - taking things even further becasue now we not only are controlling in high drive but also added an element of competitiveness to this - fueling the fire - but keeping Nyka cool!
Thanks for your help Hype - miss you buddy!

Goodbye Vulcan

Here is an old video of Vulcan - a sweet German Shepherd mix - who was a gentle giant.

He just passed away and his family is hurting - like any dog lover who has lost their dog - you all know the hole it leaves in your heart when they leave us.
Here is a tribute to what a wonderful dog he was.

This video was taken during his training in aprox. 2004 when he was 6 months old.