Can a trainer really train my dog for me?


People often misunderstand the idea of a dog trainer training their dog for them

Having a professional dog trainer train your dog for you is a great way to get your dog on a fast track to wherever it is you are trying to get - whether it is obedience or helping resolve behavioural issues.
it isn’t that the dog will automatically listen to you once the course is done.
It also doesnt mean the dog will only work for the trainer and not for you.
The truth is somewhere in between and the devil is in the details.

Make sure your dog trainer is a competent professional who can deliver results

Step 1:
Train the dog.
Train the dog so that she understands what we want from her. Be clear in your work - clarity is key to communicating.

Step 2:
Make sure the owners understand their role in maintaining the training the dog has received.
This is a big part of the porocess and if you fail here all you have accomplished is having trained the dog fantastically for the trainer - which does the owners of the dog no good at all.

Step 3:
Support and follow up with the owners to make sure that they are transitioning properly after all is said and done.

Step 4:
If you are lucky like me - you’ll have wonderful clients like Angel and her family - that make the entire process feel like a trip to disney. None of it was work for me - Angel was a breeze to train and her family could not have been any nicer to work with. Thank you Chris, Mina and Maria - all the best to you and Angel. I know we’ll be in touch for a long time to come!


Can your dog stay on his place?


Here’a fun & playful dog training video:

K9 Boot camp - Train the dog to be focused, reliale and adaptable

Jarvis is in the middle of hsi intensive in home training program in this clip.
He has been taught to go to his place which is a mat in the house. Today I decided to teach him to go to a new place - something that is not entirely comfortable to hold for long periods fo time.

Off leash control

He does well - understanding almost imediately that the stool is his new place.
The n BAM - his owners show up - Jarvis has a huge emotional spike and breaks his command - and just as quickly is refocused to place again. Excellent obedience and off leash control.

Day 2:

Using distactions in dog training - can your dog listen when he is distracted?

We work on more distraction with a passing dog - you can see Jarvis’ waggin tail and the dog is clearly putting out the signal that it is interested in Jarvis - but Jarvis does nto flinch. To top it off - I go for a hike down the street and jarvis stays locked in!