Gilles and Connie & Nyka

Here is a link to Nyka’s video page - a pretty amazing dog and huge transformation!

It will be one week tomorrow since you brought Nyka back home to us, and we just wanted to thank you for bringing home the dog we always knew in our hearts he could be. Being a first time dog owner myself I knew the challenges that faced me owning a working dog, but I was willing to put my heart and soul into this as having a dog is a full time commitment. I humbly ate those words. As Nyka grew, so did his attitude and even though he responded to the simple commands we saw he was becoming a bully around other dogs and even worse with children. My frustrations grew, and I feared going outside with him for our daily walks. Gilles got us a collar which sat in a box for 6 months because I was too nervous and didn’t educate myself enough on the proper use of this wonderful training tool.

When we decided that we couldn’t do it ourselves, we started searching and finally found you, what more can we say. We had our meeting together and I expressed to you my apprehensions regarding the collar, but said I’m putting my faith and trust into you as you’re the trainer. Well this was all proven the day you brought him home.

After our hand over training session, and you had left I suggested we take Nyka for a walk in the park, because it was important for me to see the results without you being around. During this outing another dog (obviously not trained by you) as he was dragging his owner lunged at Nyka my hand was on the remote I clicked the button and said “Leave It” and walked the other way, Nyka followed my command and stayed focused on me leaving him in a winning position. Proof is in the pudding.

We are back to enjoying our daily walks once again, although I never leave home without his collar as per your suggestion, because I no longer feel the collar is breaking his spirit, quite the opposite. At home he no longer paces, he is much more relaxed in his environment it seems like he’s matured a year in 3 weeks.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for unlocking in Nyka the potential we always knew he had. We highly recommend you as a trainer.
Connie & Gilles Puppy licks from Nyka