Allen Ptack & Spencer

Thanks Nick !

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to describe how effective remote training has been with our 3-year old Portuguese water dog named Spencer. We began training at the age of 6 months, and felt strongly that positive reinforcement was the only way to go. Much to our disappointment, 2 ½ years later Spencer was not coming when called reliably, was chasing after motorcycles, squirrels, cats and children, and was jumping on countertops stealing food! It came to a point that we were considering putting him up for adoption. After much convincing from our trainer, we reluctantly agreed to try remote training despite our concern that it was not the most humane form of training.

5 months have passed and we haven’t looked back. After a very short period during which Spencer became accustomed to the collar training has become a fun and rewarding activity. Spencer has never been more obedient and can actually walk off leash safely and reliably. We now only use the remote transmitter occasionally, but when we do, there are only subtle signs that Spencer is feeling something (his ears move slightly). We still are working on a couple of problems but overall we are thrilled with the results. Living with Spencer is finally rewarding and enjoyable.

We are completely convinced that your remote training methods are
effective and more importantly humane we to train a dog from puppyhood
to adulthood.
Allan Ptack and Dr. Sharon Abish