Illona & Rhea

Hi Nick,

It's funny - I've been meaning to write for a couple of days now.

Rhea's doing very well.
She's calm around the kids which is excellent because I don't have to worry about their interaction.
It seems that she's also quit stealing shoes or biting them. This is a very pleasant surprise!

She's responsive, she pays attention. I feel that we have a new type of connection now. It has to do with her being obedient.

I've taken her to the old port, downtown, to my office, to friends' house, fruit picking even. She's been great.
In terms of commands:
- she is very comfortable heeling. She does it very well, even when we all go for a walk and the kids rollerblade or bike (this is normally a huge distraction for her).
- she comes when called. She does this very well.
- she does "place" very well.
- she "stays" till released. We combine sit/stay/heel or sit/stay/come during our walks.

I walk her off the leash in the neighborhood. Don't worry, my eyes are on her.
We met Brenda, Dominic and some other neighbors. They were impressed with Rhea as well. We exchanged experiences and opinions about how well you train these pups. Brenda and Dominic are very happy with the work you've done with their dogs. You're very good!

We're now on our way to a walk in the woods and a picnic in Eastern Townships.

Thanks a lot!

Here is a link to Rhea’s training video - pretty impressive 5 month old puppy!