Michael & Cheese

Dear Nick,

I have been meaning to write you for a while now.

I first brought my dog, Cheese, to you last year. She was a rescue I found on the street and was always a difficult dog but had become increasingly more difficult after I moved back to Montreal from Los Angeles.

She was aggressive toward other dogs - dogs that were across the street, let alone close to us. She would lunge after skateboarders and other noisy moving objects. Even with four years of trying to get her to heel she would still pull her way down the street.

Like so many people with "difficult" dogs, i loved her but she was well on her way to becoming too difficult for me to manage as well as a possible danger to others.

I had gone to other private trainers in Los Angeles who all said they couldn't do anything with her. That she was too wild. Or they would only choke her into submission or simply try coaxing her with treats which never worked.

I had done a lot of research into dog training and from our first conversation I knew you were professional and well informed. I sent her with you for your 3 week board and train program.

After those three weeks she came back a well trained, obedient and even happier dog. She walked right at my side, never pulled, we could pass a dog on the same sidewalk and she would ignore it - same for skateboarders or other stimuli that scare her.

That was a year ago and Cheese is even better now than she was then. When possible, I take her with me when I travel for work. People cannot believe what a well trained and happy dog she is. She is still the same high energy, funny, sometimes weird dog that she always was - except now she listens to commands without hesitation and is happier, focused and calm. Her remote collar is never painful to her. On the contrary - she gets excited to have it put on.

And as you know, when I have to board her with you, she is beside herself with excitement because she enjoys her time so much at the kennel with you and the other dogs.

Thank you for literally changing both of our lives. The better she continues to get, the more integrated she becomes into my life, and the cycle of improvement simply continues from there.


Michael and Cheese