Kim & Sierra & Link - NIagara Falls, Ont.

“I was told by my real estate agent that they are the best behaved dogs she has ever met - and they're still pups!! We sat at the kitchen table sorting through an offer that came through and they were great. She forgot they were even sitting there. “

Take care,
Kim Komer - Niagara Falls , OntarioHyperRhondaCookies

Paddy and Parker - Kingston, Ontario

“Hi Nick, I hope that you can use this as a letter of comes from the heart.

March 7, 2011

Hi Nick,
Just a note to say all is going very well with Parker. I am very grateful that a friend referred me to you...had she not I am sure I would have had to re-home Parker.
My wish is to pass this message on to other people who might be having difficulties with their new or old dogs. .. so here is Parker to tell them all about you and what you have done for him. I just
think it will sound better coming from him--Paddy

Things weren't going very well for me or my new family. I desperately wanted to belong here and be happy... but I didn't know how. I know my new family were very disappointed and stressed because I heard them talking
about possibly having to make other arrangements for me. My Vet told them that I had missed the very important socialization period and that it would take a lot of hard work and patience to help me. Lucky for me they found out from one of their friends about you Nick and Family K9... I think I was at your kennel within a week.

I liked your place right away and you made me feel family too. I still don't know for sure how you did it but I'm not afraid on walks.... the noises in the backyard don't make me bark and if something scares me one of my family can put me at ease with the command (Leave it). I still start to bark when someone comes to the door but I am quickly in my place and quiet until I am invited to come and say hello... which I like to do because I am really starting to like people . I am still not thrilled to be left alone in my kennel... but I am quiet and I make no mess while my people are gone. One of the people in my family is small and he likes to play ball with me... I can't believe that I barked and growled at him just a month or so ago...I just love him now. This might sound a bit like I am bragging but people comment about how attentive and well mannered on am on the leash.. Oh!! last thing when I hear " Parker come" like a flash I am there...I get lots of points for that. I know my family thinks I have become a pretty good dog and if they keep doing what you told them to do I will keep getting better!!.

It was a win win for me... I learned a lot and I had so much fun with you and all my buddies that came to your place.
I am eternally grateful to you Nick ...I only wish I lived nearby so that I could come and stay with you when my family goes away without me.”

Paddy Crossman - Kingston, Ont.Parker

Leslie and Jackson - Boston, Massachusetts.

“Hi Nick,

Just a brief update on Jackson. First, he’s losing teeth left, right and centre and I’ve managed to grab a few for a keepsake.

But more importantly.....yesterday morning I took him for a walk through my neighbourhood. We stopped at a quaint little park and no one was around. Perfect, I thought to practice our “sit/stay” . We did this a few times and during his long sit....a guy came by with his little bull terrier and wanted to know if Jackson was “friendly”. I released him and let him and let him play with Bella. At the end of our little play time, I said “Jackson, come!” and he bounced eagerly back to my side. I might add – no collar and one request to come. Bella on the other hand, ignored her owner to “come” and took her sweet time, sniffing things, walking off to check out other things in the area. Jackson and I were already leashed and on our way and Bella was still taking her time and not listening to her owner. By the way, Bella is 4 years old.

I left the park with a little, but very satisfying smile on my face. :-)

Also I have to tell you he’s is so well behaved while I prepare his food. Used to be - he would put his paws on the counter, whine and be a pain in the butt. Now he is either on his place, or is in a sit/stay with no break from his command.

So far....I’ve retained what I’ve learned. ahahhaha :-)”

Leslie Stone

Andrea and Otis - Toronto, Ontario

“Hi Nick,

It was so great to see that video, thank you! It feels like I haven't seen Otis in forever, so I really appreciate the video. It looks like you guys are having a great time. I am also looking forward to our lessons next week. I am excited to see Otis' progress and learn myself.

See you soon.

Kyle & Kaya - Maine - USA

Kyle was a student who came in for training from Maine with his dog Kaya.  Kaya was a very independent dog who marched to her own beat and took a fair bit of work to bring around but was a real sweetheart of a dog and it was all worthwhile.


Archer and Nitro & Ida - From Kansas city, Kansas

Archer has 2 wonderful Dutch Shepherds - Nitro and Ida and sent them to Nick from Kansas city, Kansas and then came to St Lazare to train with Nick @ the end of their program. The video you see is the result of 1 day of them working together after Nick trained the dogs for Archer.Nitro-Ida-Sable

MIscho - Rome, Italy

Misho - a Miniature Poodle was trained by Nick in 2004 and boarded @ Family K9 many, many times. When his family moved to Rome and Misho stayed with Nick for several months while they settled in and was eventually brought to the airport by Nick to join his family in Rome. Misho was often a houseguest and many tears were shed by all @ the airport.

Leslie and Peter - Boston, Massachusetts - back with Lucy and Ryder!

“It was an 11-hour round-trip drive from where we live in Boston, Massachusetts which I, initially, thought was a bit extreme on our part. Yet I discovered that we, by no means, would win any awards for traveling so far to use Nick as others have, apparently, flown in from all over the United States and the world. The thing that shines through more than anything is Nick Zevgolis’s over-riding love for dogs.

Nick is also just a pleasure to work with. We were in the area for several days when our dogs’ training came to an end and he insisted we work with him and the dogs together even though they had already been trained. He was available to us almost around the clock and, even though it was a weekend, made it clear that he would stay with us from the crack of dawn until very late at night helping us work with our dogs if we wanted to. None of this was an extra charge. It wasn’t just a financial generosity, but, more importantly, a generosity of spirit. I have the definite impression that, when it comes to Nick, the money part of things is almost a secondary afterthought. I truly worry about this guy who seems like, if he could afford to, he would give away all his time to making happier the lives of his beloved dogs. But all this nice guy, dog-loving aspect that I write about wouldn’t count if what he does did not work. Nick Zevgolis is the singular most effective results-oriented dog trainer bar none.”

Peter Elikann , Leslie stone and jackson, Lucy & Ryder


Wendy, Nicolas and Mica from NYC

Mica is a Bullmastiff - owned by Wendy and Nicolas who came from NYC to meet with Nick when Mica was a tiny pup. Together they completed a puppy pre school program and later returned to have Nick train Mica in the Board & Train program.Mica-O'Donnell

Sunil & Ronin from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ronin's owner brought him to Nick from Halifax, Nova Scotia for a Board & Train program. He subsequently came back for boarding when his owner, Sunil was injured in a car accident and asked Nick to care for Ronin until he recovered. Thankfully Sunil fully recovered.
Watch this 100 pound Pitbull leave the Bunny alone! He is also trained to heel on both the left and the right hand side.Ronin

David and Rachel with Lenny and Carl from NYC

Rachel and David brought Lenny and Carl to Nick from Brooklyn, NYC for training. You couldn't meet two cuter, funnier pups. The dogs did well in their training and have come back for boarding as well.Lenny-Carl

Jon & Norbu, Philadelphia, Pa.

Jon brought Norbu to Nick from the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia, Pa.
Norbu came with a bunch of interesting challenges and really required a special touch and understanding to bring the best out of him. Although he was indeed a challenge - he was very rewarding to work with .
A special dog who is going to force you to analyze your process in training.Jon-Norbu

Ellen & Skyla & Hanzi from Cape Cod , Mass.

Ellen Drove up from Cape Cod,Mass. with Skyla and did an intensive one week training program working with Nick every day during their time here.
Ellen later came back for a second round of training with Skyla and once more with a rescue dog named Hanzi.
When Ellen was having an issue with her homeowner’s insurance company wanting to deny her liability coverage as a result of having 2 Dutch Shepherds - A note signed from Nick attesting to their training helped her be able her home insurance and her dogs!
Score one for the trained dogs!

Danielle with Bravo and Shanti - Turks and Caicos.

“I live in Turks and Caicos and bring my dog to the beach every day. After an incident in which my dog bit someone on the beach I knew something had to be done. I brought her to Montreal to have her trained by Nick and then Nick worked with both of us to teach me how to properly handle her.
3 weeks and she was and has been a different dog ever since.
She isn't afraid anymore when we run on the beach or anywhere else. She is a lot calmer and feel much more secure and I am very happy to say that there have been no incidents since. I am sure she feels safer because she knows that I am in control and that she doesn't have to act out anymore. She is totally manageable now and life is so much better.
Nick also trained my jack Russell Bravo and sent him to me when his training was completed - and he is a fantastic dog who wins over everyone he meets with his charming personality, good looks and great training.”

Thanks Nick!