Is your dog's training distraction proof?

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Is your dog’s training distraction proof?
by MontrealDogTrainer on September 30, 2016 in General

Marlo staying on his place despite an other dog’s efforts to get him to run and play. Can your dog focus under distraction?

Teaching a dog to work even when distracted is a huge part of my training programs.
If you aren’t training your dog to focus on you and be reliable under distraction – your dog is not going to be able to listen to you when you need it most.
Fully off leash trained
Here we see a young puppy – Marlo – who is an  11 month old Husky showing how well he functions under distraction – by staying on his place while another dog does her best to get him to come and play with her.  This is Marlo’s 5th lesson and he is doing great. His owner Elie is very pleased as you can see by the grin on his face as looks on his dog with pride.  The gentleman in the ball cap with the female asked if they can approach us and of course we obliged since it was a great test for Marlo.


A well trained dog is a thing of beauty
There is a lady walking her 2 small dogs  by in the background as well who has stopped to admire Marlo and was even taking pictures of him.  Marlo’s owner tells me he regularly has people stop and ask about his dog and comment on how well behaved he is.
Montreal Dog Trainer, Nick Zevgolis is the owner of Family K9 Dog Training. Nick has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years and has helped thousands of owners train their dogs in all sorts of endeavours but especially to be well trained and well loved companions.

Family K9 Dog Training
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Entraineur Canin Montréal , Nick Zevgolis est le propriétaire de L'école de dressage Family K9. Nick est un entraineur de chiens professionnel depuis plus de 20 ans. Nick a aidé des milliers de propriétaires de former leurs chiens dans toutes sortes d' efforts , mais surtout pour être compagnons bien formés et bien aimé. École de dressage Family K9

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Choose your trainer wisely

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This morning I spoke with two different dog owners who already spent their money on training courses that left them feeling flat and they both abandoned the courses towards the end. Of course now - they are skeptical of dog training in general which makes for an interesting conversation for me since the next trainer they speak to is under a magnifiying glass.

Yelling, Barking and throwing discs at your puppy

or “I spent money on worthless dog training”

Caller #1 has a Shiba Inu puppy and was horrified at the thought of having to bark at her 3 1/2 month old puppy, use a choke chain and throw discs at it. When she challenged the trainer about this - and pointed out that her dog’s tail was tucked and he was in a corner - he told her “don’t worry - he’s fine”. She called the head of the franchise and gave them heck for what she felt was false advertising. They told her to keep doing what she was instructed to. Of course she knew better than to believe that line when she saw how upset her dog was - she trusted her eyes and cancelled the course.

I wish she would have seen these dog training videos in order to know exactly what I could have done to help her with her puppy:

Sasuke - Shiba Inu off leash trained - off leash on a busy road.

Jackson - 5 month old Doberman Puppy brought to Nick all the way from Boston fully trained

Julia and Cody - a 6 month old dog - fully off leash trained and working with the youngest in the family for the 1st time.

Jello - a 6 month old Weimeraner puppy fully on and off leash trained by Nick

Riley - a 5 month old Husky puppy fully on and off leash trained by Nick

Lola 1 - a 5 month old Boston terrier puppy fully on and off leash trained by Nick

Lola 2 - working with her owners for the 1st time

Finn - a 5 month old Havanese puppy fully on and off leash trained by Nick

Betty - 5 month old Toy Poddle puppy fully on and off leash trained by Nick

Porscha - a 5 month old Cane Corso puppy (who looks like a pony!) fully on and off lkeash trained by Nick

Angus - a wonderful labradoodle who was trained by another trainer and the owner met Nick in a dog park while he was training Baylor and couldnt believe the difference in the two dog’s abilities.

“Get in the corner with your dog “

Another dog owner payed an unreal amount of money for a group class and despite speaking to the trainers beforehand about her concerns about her dog’s behaviour towards other dogs - she was brought into a class full of dogs - not given any real, practical advice on how to handle her dog around other dogs and either told to stay in the corner or told to keep running him through hoops and balance beams.Sound like a plan for success?They then tried to sell her a package of private lessons


I wish she and her family would have watched these dog training videos before choosing the wrong trainer the first time:

Grover video 1 - a 140 plus pound Anatolian Shepherd Mix with Major dog aggression issues fully rehabilitated.

Grover video 2

Grover working with his owner for the first time after Nick’s training

Kaylee - a street dog that was recused and went through prior training only to be told by the trainer that she could never be around other dogs - Check this dog out!

Winston - major dog aggression and another dog and owner who went through prior training and failed, thinking the dog had no hope.

Jack video 1 A Rescue dog from Montreal’s West Island who had bit the neighbour and another behaviourist took several weeks only to be able to handle his paw! Really?!?

Jack Video 2 an interview with his owner post training

Cody - Dog Aggression, people aggression. Had been through prior training, No Results. See him here.

Nyka - Major dog aggression. Fast like a bullet. Had been through other training with an “expert” and still tried to attack dogs every day on his walks.

Good money after bad

I’ll be up front and tell you that I charge more than these people paid for training - BUT at leaast they would have gotten the results they were after with my training and it would have been money well spent intead of money wasted.Now they will have to pay a 2nd time in order to get the results they were hoping for and promised from the start.They both expressed the regret of their decision and reminded me how important it is to “do it once and do it right”.

Choose your dog’s trainer wisely!

I guess to a certain extent I am tooting my own horn and I hope it doesnt come across as arrogant - but I can tell you this after having trained 1000’s of dogs in over 2 decades:Not all trainers are created equally - kust like any other service, professi0n or industry - there are many different levels of “quality” and very often you get what you pay for.Price isn’t the only factor of course but it is an indicator and then you need to do your homework. Also word of mouth is something that I believe in very strongly. I cant tell you how many times I get a call from someone who was out walking their dog having a miserable time with it’s behaviour and they were stopped by one of my clients who offered them my phone nuber or website address.I may or may not hear back from caller number 1, caller number 2 already booked her training program for her dog by the time we ended our conversation. We’ll meet next week and get her dog on track.I completely get the skeptical nature some people have towards dog training in general and especially after they have been burned. No one likes to feel like they’ve been had - I have been there myself and hopefully have learned how to choose wiser the next time.

Choose your trainer wisely - your dog’s future depennds on it.