A Cow on the streets of NYC!

Off leash in the middle of New York City
by MontrealDogTrainer on March 11, 2016 in General
I love that I can trust my dog off leash.  It gives me peace of mind and allows her and I a lot of freedom in where we go and what we do.

We really love to include our dog in our travels and try to include her in our travels as much as possible.  As much as we just love her company – as a dog trainer it is beneficial in providing me with different environments and work on her training.
A Cow off leash in NYC’s financial district
My dog is a country bumpkin & so am I.  We live in Saint Lazare, Qc and love it here – but I also understand the need to proof my dog around major distractions in order to make sure she is reliable when i need her to be.  So what do we do when in NYC – we hit the streets!
A well trained Cow off leash in the middle of New York City
Cow has been working on a new command I call get in line – which means to get in between my feet.
We can use this both as a recall command as well as a form of heeling. I taught her this command a fw days prior to our trip and she had only done it in our home so far.
So now we are out in distracting environments and working the command and she is doing great.
She also knows something I call “put em up” which means stand with your front paws on whatever I point to – so we took advantage of the NYPD van for a photo op.

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For those who aren’t familiar with me or my dogs - My Bulldog Clara actually has 2 names:

Cow - a name chosen by her breederm which has grown on me and Clara Hughes named after the Canadian Olympic medal winning cyclist and speed skater. It would have felt wrong to refer to her as Cow in this instance:-)


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