What does a dog's wagging tail really mean?

Everyone will tell you that a wagging tail means the dog is both happy and friendly right?

it means that the dog is stimulateed.

It could mean:

“I’m happy.”
“I want to play.”
“ I want to be petted and hugged.”
“ I want to chase. “
“ I want to eat.”

“ I want to bite.”

Safe human/canine interaction. Understanding is key.

The purpose of this video is to help people understand that a wagging tail does not always mean “I am friendly - please come and pet me”.
With the rising rash of dog bites around Montreal, Qc as well as all over - we need to teach our children to be safe and understand the signals that dogs put out.
Parents - please watch this video with your children and share with your firneds - let’s keep our kids and our dogs safe and happy together!

Note: Hyper - my old Dutch Shepherd was one of the friendliest and sweetest dogs you could meet. The video clips of him biting were training clips and he was even friends with the decoy outside of training situations.