Rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues

Rehabilitating dogs with aggresion issues

IMG_1209 2
Ozzie’s owners opted to send him to me for his intensive training after we had an intial lesson at home and Ozzie true to form began attacking me out on a walk.
Dogs have different reasons for behaving aggressively - and just as the reasons for the aggression differ so does the need for our aproach to resolving the issues.

K9 Boot camp - teaching a dog to trust and to follow

Teamwork and togetherness is the root of good training

Here is Ozzie in day 1 of his training camp.
The day before when out walking Ozzie and trying to teach him to follow at his home - he bit me 5-6 times. Serious enough bites that my hands are marked up and sore a day and a half later. Tore my winter jacket too.
Here he is at the beginning of his boot camp and already he is being cooperative. Of course he is muzzled but at the same time - he is being affectionae and loose. Coming in for petting and rubbing and happy to take a treat from my hand in his muzzle.

Dog training pro tip:

If a dog is willing to eat - his stress levels are low. it is always a gopd measuring stick.

Training a dog to follow - the foundation of leadership and earning respect

This video shows Ozzie after a little bit of follow the leader training.
He opted to come and stand in between my legs and I thought we’d play around a little - so I encouraged him to move both forwards and backwards with me a few times. His willingness and focus are apparent and if you would have seen him less than 24 hours earlier - you’d know exactly how relevant this little clip is. I only wish that there was video of him coming after me from the day before - the direction he is taking is nothing short of wonderful compared to the biting from a day earlier.

As much as I dont like being licked on the face - I am glad Ozzie feels safe enough and friendly enough to share some affection.
The only dog I allwo to lick my face is my Bulldog Clara Hughes - since she is not capable of licking her own behind:-)


As much as I dont like being licked on the face - I am glad Ozzie feels safe enough and friendly enough to share some affection.
The only dog I allwo to lick my face is my Bulldog Clara Hughes - since she is not capable of licking her own behind:-)

Can you trust your dog off leash in Downtown Montreal?

Here is a video clip from Shabnam showing off her dog;s training.
Vito - a Cane corso who is 5 months old in this clip is heeling off leash with his owner. Clearly Vito is under controla dn focused on his owner despite all the distractions around them.
I trained Vito for his family this past summer and I love to see my work being put to good use.


Working like a dog - with the dogs!

A day of dog training for me typically involves training dogs at the kennel and visiting clients and their dogs in their homes and local parks as well. It is without a doubnt the greatest job in the world. I get to commincate, share, interact and learn from canines and humans alike, enjoy the outdoors, have a constantkly changing and stimulating environment and get to help people and their dogs acheive their goals and make their lives together more fullfilling.

Vaudreuil/St Lazare Dog Training In Kennel Training - K9 bootcamp

Here are a couple fo the dogs at the kennel in for training:

Leo - a German Shepherd mix who is a large, powerful and very excitable! In 1 1/2 weeks he has had a complete turn around and is now easy to manage and already trained to heel, come when called, leave it, place, sit & stay - all on and off leash - around some pretty huge distractions like when out playing with is buddies.

Dog Training St Lazare, vaudreuil, Family K9 com, Nick Zevgolis

Up next is Sauske
A Shiba Inu - whose owners called me becasue they were afraid for his safety since he is was constantly escaping from them when the door is open - and he would run off and make a game out of it - wanting the family to chase him around the neighbourhpd.
In the one week he has been with me he is has kearbned to not run through doors and to come whenever he is called. Sauske is a very independant, strong willed and sweet dog - true to his breeds characteristics.

Shiba Inu, Nick Zevgolis, Montreal Dog Training

Leo and Sauske having some playtime during training.

Puppy training in Westmount

Golden Retriever, Westmount Dog Training
Mosby Learning to leave the Leave it command

Mosby - Golden Retriever enrolled in Puppy Pre School
Mosby is a Golden Retriever pup - who not only needed training like all pupsdo - but also had a tendancy to be aggressive when possesing objects in and out of the home.
His owner ran into someone in the street who told her to google Family K9 and she contacted me for training. They are off to a great start - here is part of an email from his owner after our first lesson:

“Hi Nick,
I just wanted to say Thank You for today and the tools you gave me to help our family and Mosby. We had a really successful afternoon and evening and saw a big difference in his behaviour tonight. I know it's day one but I have high hopes his name will be downgraded soon to something more polite.
I look forward to next week.

Dog aggression Downtown Montreal K9 bootcamp

Montreal Dog Training, K9 bootcamp , dog aggression

Grover - Mix breed and HUGE owner signed him for in home intensive training. Dog aggression is a common problem many owners face and is no joke when the dog is any size - let alone over 100 lbs and powerful! In 2 weeks Grover will have completed his course and his owner can enjoy taking him out enjoying the ability to control her dog.

In Home Dog Training - Hampstead

Hampstead Dog Training, Nick Zevgolis, Family K9Frankie Labrodor Retriever/Pitbull Mix - Frankie’s owners had previously trained with another trainer and not acheived the results they were hoping for. After several different people recommended Family K9’s servcies - they contacted me and I have to say Frankie was a delight to train. Here he is @ the end of his course - completely on and off leash trained.
Here is a link to his video:
Frankie in action!
Frankie;s owners wasted no time putting everything they learned into ation - here is an email from the VERY FIRST DAY they began working with Frankie right at the end of their course.
I trained Frankie each day @ their home for two weeks and in that time he learned all of his obedience both on and off leash.
We had one lesson together at the end of the course and here is how they are doing right from day one of dealing with Frankie on their own.

Hi Nick, 

Thanks. He sat on place the entire dinner. Just came in from working with him, he's doing great.
We are thrilled so far!



He was fantastic again at dinner. One of my kids spilled there food as they were bringing their plate to the sink when they were done. He didn't move until I released him to let him eat it. 



Puppy Training in Brossard

Brossard Dog Training, Dressage de chiens brossard
Monty - Havanese - link to Finn - Link to Puma - Link to Board and Train - Link to Puppy class
Monty’s ownber found Family K9 through the facebook page
They have started Monty in in home puppy training and have plans to have Monty complete the Board and Train in kennel dog training program when he is old enough. Here is Monty learning to leave it working with his owner Niki.

Back home in St Lazare with my own Family K9 - see everyone tomorrow!

bulldog, montreal, st lazare, dog trainer

2 Weeks to an exceptionally well trained dog AND a well informed owner!

Bernese Mountain Dog
Meet Alycia and Baylor - Baylor is a 1 1/2 yr old Bernese Mountain dog.
You can read about him and see is video here:
Baylor’s video page

So if there is already a page documenting his training why have another?

Dogs trained to respond equally well to their owners as to their trainer!

Alycia contacted Nick 5 days after our transfer lesson to brag about how wonderfully she and Baylor are doing together and it would be great to share this for anyone who questions wether or not their dog could respond well to them once it is trained for them by Nick.
Now mind you - Baylor was kicked out of his dog walking group by the dog walker becasue he was too unruly and unmanageable. We ran into the same group of dogs and the dog walker @ Baylor’s 3rd lesson and the changes in Baylor were already apparent - he was easy tohandle in a situation that was previously troublesome.

Alycia was kind enough to put up a review on Family K9’s Google plus page:
Here is a link to what Alycia had to say about her experience with Family K9 Dog Training and her ability to continue where Nick Zevgolis left off with Baylor

And here is some video footage from Baylor’s first time ever working with Alycia -in these clips he is heeling and stays very focused despite others walking past him and does a lovely sit/stay even with a surprise from a passerby. This was done off leash on a busy downtown Montreal street.

So in summary - depending on who is doing the training and educating of both the dog and owner - the training and transfer process can and DOES work very seamlessly and the owner can have the same results as the trainer did!

Little dogs need training too


Training toy dog breeds in Montreal and all over - Family K9 Dog Training!

I am often asked if little dogs can be trained.
The answer is of course!
Here is Charlotte - a 5 month old 2 pound Yorkie terrier being taught to come when called.

Good dog training equals an obedient canine with a happy attitude towards the work and his owner!

I am equally impressed with Charlotte’s happy and upbeat attitude as I am with her recall.
Even with the other dogs around she manages to stay focused and has a nice puppy bounce to her when she arrives at my feet.

Obedience training is for all sizes, breeds, ages and mixes - all dogs can be well trained!

Family K9 Dog Training- Montreal dog training excellence for over 20 years!

The cutest Labrador Retriever puppy!


Leo is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever pup who has been trained with nothing but love and affection and it shows.

He is a wonderful little worker and a special pup.
Here you can see him working on his recall while the other dogs at the kennel are providng some big distractions.

The key to dog training is to adapt to the individual

dog’s character and needs and Leo is a happy, upbeat dog who likes to interact and play and loves affection - so his obedience is focused around that and you can see how he loves to work - becasue work equals play..

Take a look at how thrilled he is to be working.
Even thrilled to be called away from the dogs he so desperately wants to play with.

He is only half way through his training program - one and one half weeks into a 3 week program and then he and his owner will be reunited and his owner will be taught how to properly maintain his training.

Jasper - a true virtuoso!

Please help me with my dog! 2 weeks to a fully trained dog.

Here is Jasper working on a hot and humid summer day. The dogs are out - the distractions are there and Jasper handles all of this along with the heat and humidity with ease - he has come a very long way in 2 short weeks - he is fully on and off leash trained and capable of being obedient in a wide variety of situations.

A Dalmatian, A Pitbull and German Shepherd walk into a bar ...

Three different breeds - all with different needs

This is an interesting video - it includes a German Shepherd a Dalmatian and a Pitbull and all 3 dogs have very different temperaments, drives and issues.

Brady is a German Shepherd Dog from Chateauguay, QC who used to pull like mad on leash - was very reactive to other dogs and could get snippy if pushed by them.


Loco is a pit bull from Westmount, QC with both people and dog aggression

He could not focus on a command when another dog or person was around - and his aggression was escalating prior to him coming in for training which was cause for great concern to his owner. His owner was afraid to walk him in public for fear of an aggressive outburst towards people and dogs.

Lekes is a high drive Dalmatian from Gatineau, QC who could not stand still for 5 seconds. He lacked the ability to focus and just wanted to go-go-go.

In fact when his owners drove in from Gatineau, Qc to drop him off - we had to kennel him before chatting about training because he was all over the place and would not stay still - jumping, pulling, whining and crying and carrying on.

Brady the German Shepherd is 5 days into training in this video.

You can see Brady focusing nicely - his heel is coming along, his recall is solid and we are beginning to work on other things in the meantime.
I am pleased with his focus so far which is key to unlocking everything.

Lekes is just under 2 weeks into his training @ this point.

His heel is solid, his recall is great, and you can see his place is outstanding. In fact we have Honey the yellow lab outside running major distraction on Lekes and he rocks place like a champ. Solid.
Remember - he could not stand still without any distraction just under 2 weeks ago.
Big changes for Lekes.

Loco has been in training for a week and a half @ this point

Loco is working with a very boisterous Rott in his background. The Rott is dominant and pushy and has tried to urinate on Loco through the fence a number of times. Loco is also doing great - learning to focus better each day and is easy enough to handle @ this point.
I am not going to sugar coat it - Loco is lazy - you can see he moves slowly through his work - but hey - we can’t all be go getters and as ing as he is obeying and doing his best - that’s good enough for his owner to be able to control him when out for a walk.

If I send my dog to Nick - will he listen to me too?

Ziggy Family K9 Bulldog

Chipie and American Eskimo Dog, Toby a German Shepherd and Ziggy the English Bulldog.


Porscha - Off Leash Heeling in 2 days!

Check out this 5 month old Cane Corso puppy heeling off leash after 2 days training!


What's up @ the kennel First week of April 2015

Porsche, Toby and Chipie showing their progress

Happy Jack... 2 weeks of intensive training pays off

This video has a playful tone - and why shouldn’t it?


Dogs in Training

Have a peek at a couple of the dogs in training @ the kennel this week

… Chipie & Toby