A Balanced Approach to Dog Training

Finding Balance in your dog’s training is one of the most important aspects of having a happy & well trained dog.

Here we see Romy a young pup learning to Leave It or not touch.
This is her first lesson with regards to leave it and she is doing great!

Watch her take the cookie from my hand on more than one occasion - she aproaches and takes the cookie right next to the piece of Melba toast without hesitation - however, she does not touch the toast. She comes back for a second piece of her treat and again does not try to grab the toast.
What does this prove?
That she is comfortable around the item she has to leave.
In other words she is not afraid of it.

No Fear or Bribes - just a happy & Obedient dog.

Some trainers use fear to train and while no doubt those dogs will listen - it comes at a very heavy price. Our dogs don’t have to pay such a heavy price - carrying the burden of fear for the sake of being obedient.

Romy has no fear of the item she is suuposed to leave - she is just learning limits and boundaries - there is no need for fear - ever.
She feels safe and comfortable taking what is hers - even right next to the item she is not allowed to touch - Balance.

Always train your dog with clear communication keeping balance, fairness and compassion at the center of your work.

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