Training your dog for his own protection

An RCMP Candidate puppy died from intestinal damage after three surgeries could not help him.
Helo - a German Shepherd Dog puppy, born on October 4, 2015 was an RCMP candidate and being rasied by Const. Tim Reid. He was a little over three months the time of his death.

Train your puppy to be safe, supervise him and crate him when you can’t watch him.

We need to train our pups to leave it when told, to supervise them and to crate them when we cannot supervise them.
Please keep your pups safe with this three pronged approach. Anything less than this will lead to problems.
Don’t assume for a second he wont try to chew on something just becasue he hasn’t before. I can tell you first hand that i have worked with dogs who ate everything from rocks to broken glass and metal objects and chewed on anything they could get their teeth on.

RIP Helo - sorry for your loss Const. Tim Reid - I am sure you were already very attached to the little guy.

Mosby - learning the leave it command @ 10 weeks old - a very important part of any dog’s training. Looking at but not touching the cheese.