Rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues

Rehabilitating dogs with aggresion issues

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Ozzie’s owners opted to send him to me for his intensive training after we had an intial lesson at home and Ozzie true to form began attacking me out on a walk.
Dogs have different reasons for behaving aggressively - and just as the reasons for the aggression differ so does the need for our aproach to resolving the issues.

K9 Boot camp - teaching a dog to trust and to follow

Teamwork and togetherness is the root of good training

Here is Ozzie in day 1 of his training camp.
The day before when out walking Ozzie and trying to teach him to follow at his home - he bit me 5-6 times. Serious enough bites that my hands are marked up and sore a day and a half later. Tore my winter jacket too.
Here he is at the beginning of his boot camp and already he is being cooperative. Of course he is muzzled but at the same time - he is being affectionae and loose. Coming in for petting and rubbing and happy to take a treat from my hand in his muzzle.

Dog training pro tip:

If a dog is willing to eat - his stress levels are low. it is always a gopd measuring stick.

Training a dog to follow - the foundation of leadership and earning respect

This video shows Ozzie after a little bit of follow the leader training.
He opted to come and stand in between my legs and I thought we’d play around a little - so I encouraged him to move both forwards and backwards with me a few times. His willingness and focus are apparent and if you would have seen him less than 24 hours earlier - you’d know exactly how relevant this little clip is. I only wish that there was video of him coming after me from the day before - the direction he is taking is nothing short of wonderful compared to the biting from a day earlier.

As much as I dont like being licked on the face - I am glad Ozzie feels safe enough and friendly enough to share some affection.
The only dog I allwo to lick my face is my Bulldog Clara Hughes - since she is not capable of licking her own behind:-)


As much as I dont like being licked on the face - I am glad Ozzie feels safe enough and friendly enough to share some affection.
The only dog I allwo to lick my face is my Bulldog Clara Hughes - since she is not capable of licking her own behind:-)

A Dalmatian, A Pitbull and German Shepherd walk into a bar ...

Three different breeds - all with different needs

This is an interesting video - it includes a German Shepherd a Dalmatian and a Pitbull and all 3 dogs have very different temperaments, drives and issues.

Brady is a German Shepherd Dog from Chateauguay, QC who used to pull like mad on leash - was very reactive to other dogs and could get snippy if pushed by them.


Loco is a pit bull from Westmount, QC with both people and dog aggression

He could not focus on a command when another dog or person was around - and his aggression was escalating prior to him coming in for training which was cause for great concern to his owner. His owner was afraid to walk him in public for fear of an aggressive outburst towards people and dogs.

Lekes is a high drive Dalmatian from Gatineau, QC who could not stand still for 5 seconds. He lacked the ability to focus and just wanted to go-go-go.

In fact when his owners drove in from Gatineau, Qc to drop him off - we had to kennel him before chatting about training because he was all over the place and would not stay still - jumping, pulling, whining and crying and carrying on.

Brady the German Shepherd is 5 days into training in this video.

You can see Brady focusing nicely - his heel is coming along, his recall is solid and we are beginning to work on other things in the meantime.
I am pleased with his focus so far which is key to unlocking everything.

Lekes is just under 2 weeks into his training @ this point.

His heel is solid, his recall is great, and you can see his place is outstanding. In fact we have Honey the yellow lab outside running major distraction on Lekes and he rocks place like a champ. Solid.
Remember - he could not stand still without any distraction just under 2 weeks ago.
Big changes for Lekes.

Loco has been in training for a week and a half @ this point

Loco is working with a very boisterous Rott in his background. The Rott is dominant and pushy and has tried to urinate on Loco through the fence a number of times. Loco is also doing great - learning to focus better each day and is easy enough to handle @ this point.
I am not going to sugar coat it - Loco is lazy - you can see he moves slowly through his work - but hey - we can’t all be go getters and as ing as he is obeying and doing his best - that’s good enough for his owner to be able to control him when out for a walk.

Ziggy update - this bulldog is smarter than your honour student

English Bulldogs can’t be trained to be obedient.

Dont’ watch this video if you want to believe that statement.
Ziggy-2.984

Ziggy - can an Aggressive Bulldog be trainable?

What happened to my nice dog?


Interviewing west island Montreal dog owners - post training.

A chat with Tina after Jack’s training has come to an end. Hear what she has to say about how training transformed jack from a dangerous dog to a well behaved and loved family member.