Little dogs need training too


Training toy dog breeds in Montreal and all over - Family K9 Dog Training!

I am often asked if little dogs can be trained.
The answer is of course!
Here is Charlotte - a 5 month old 2 pound Yorkie terrier being taught to come when called.

Good dog training equals an obedient canine with a happy attitude towards the work and his owner!

I am equally impressed with Charlotte’s happy and upbeat attitude as I am with her recall.
Even with the other dogs around she manages to stay focused and has a nice puppy bounce to her when she arrives at my feet.

Obedience training is for all sizes, breeds, ages and mixes - all dogs can be well trained!

Family K9 Dog Training- Montreal dog training excellence for over 20 years!

The cutest Labrador Retriever puppy!


Leo is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever pup who has been trained with nothing but love and affection and it shows.

He is a wonderful little worker and a special pup.
Here you can see him working on his recall while the other dogs at the kennel are providng some big distractions.

The key to dog training is to adapt to the individual

dog’s character and needs and Leo is a happy, upbeat dog who likes to interact and play and loves affection - so his obedience is focused around that and you can see how he loves to work - becasue work equals play..

Take a look at how thrilled he is to be working.
Even thrilled to be called away from the dogs he so desperately wants to play with.

He is only half way through his training program - one and one half weeks into a 3 week program and then he and his owner will be reunited and his owner will be taught how to properly maintain his training.

Jasper - a true virtuoso!

Please help me with my dog! 2 weeks to a fully trained dog.

Here is Jasper working on a hot and humid summer day. The dogs are out - the distractions are there and Jasper handles all of this along with the heat and humidity with ease - he has come a very long way in 2 short weeks - he is fully on and off leash trained and capable of being obedient in a wide variety of situations.