Can you trust your dog off leash in Downtown Montreal?

Here is a video clip from Shabnam showing off her dog;s training.
Vito - a Cane corso who is 5 months old in this clip is heeling off leash with his owner. Clearly Vito is under controla dn focused on his owner despite all the distractions around them.
I trained Vito for his family this past summer and I love to see my work being put to good use.


Do you feed your dog "people food"?

My dog’s favortie treat!


Once in a while I like to treat my dog to something special.
Not a new leash or collar or new bowls - those are for us.
What does a dog love?

So I thought I would pick up lunch for the two of us.
For those who aren’t familiar with me or my dogs - My Bulldog Clara actually has 2 names:

Cow - a name chosen by her breederm which has grown on me and Clara Hughes named after the Canadian Olympic medal winning cyclist and speed skater. It would have felt wrong to refer to her as Cow in this instance:-)